Clarendon Hills   Astralis

2015 Astralis

By Clarendon Hills

2015 Astralis from Clarendon Hills, Australia

The 2015 Astralis from Clarendon Hills, in the epicentre of Southern Australia, marks a captivating chapter in the history of this highly esteemed wine producer. Against the unique climatic backdrop of 2015 which saw a cooler growing season, this unique wine has emerged as a stunning representation of its place and time.


Synergy of Syrah, a profitable prospect

Clarendon Hills, renowned for its expertise with the Shiraz grape—or Syrah, as it is known in the French homeland—has once again demonstrated why their Astralis rightfully maintains an unassailable position amongst Australia's finest expressions of this darker-skinned grape variety.

The Australian terroir combined with a slightly cooler vintage year offers up an especially deep-rooted Astralis. This exceptional 2015 iteration benefits greatly from an intricate balance between bright acidity and formidable tannic structure.


Rewriting the Rulebook, An exemplary Asset

The combination of cool climatic conditions in the beginning of this year's viticultural cycle led to a slower ripening period, and thus we find the 2015 Astralis telling a different story than its predecessors. Profound blackberry and black currants notes play harmoniously with savoury traces of black olives.

Dark chocolate undertones suggest the rich and intense depth of this wine while the opulent finish underlines a supreme elegance and terroir-driven charm that has prevailed despite capricious weather. Behind the velvety palate lies an exceptional backbone of tannins which will ensure steady evolutionary progress for savvy investors.

In a market rife with promising wines, the nonconformity and prowess exhibited by the 2015 Astralis from Clarendon Hills makes it more than just a worthy investment, but a riveting inclusion to any refined portfolio. Such a vintage offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the sublimity of Australian Shiraz that stands out amidst its contemporaries, shining with the rarity of its vintage and the strength of its terroir.

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