Torbeck   RunRig

2017 RunRig

By Torbreck

2017 RunRig from Torbreck, Australia

There's no doubt about it: Emanating from the world-renowned wine producer Torbreck, the 2017 RunRig continues to reinforce its stardom in the diversified landscape of Australian viticulture. Indeed, this honourable nectar's reputation has been painstakingly earned over decades, yet it's the virtues of the individual vintages that truly fascinate me.


Taste and Terroir: Power and Grace

In the heart of Barossa Valley, one finds Torbeck exploiting the rich soils to foster profound expressions of Shiraz. This vintage presents an intriguing bouquet of red and black fruits married with nuances of spice and fresh lavender. A beautifully balanced wine, it dances elegantly on your palate before an opulent show of silky tannins. A solid example of an exceptional Shiraz aged to perfection.


A Vintage Worth Investing In

The 2017 RunRig offers investors a perfect encapsulation of that year's climatic conditions. The perfect equilibrium between hot days and cool nights will delight your senses with layers of flavour. This humid summertime culminated in smaller grapes, which led to fabulous concentration of rich fruit flavours along with powerful structure and complexity.


The complexities worthy of a pinnacle year

While global acclaim for Australian winemaking is widespread, Torbreck holds a unique place in this narrative. The 2017 vintage is yet another testament to why fine wine investors around the globe hold their gaze steadfast on these Barossa Valley producers. The striking equilibrium between depth and nuance is unsurpassed.

Crafting a symphony in a bottle, the 2017 RunRig depicts an intriguing dance between power and grace, showcasing the vineyard's distinct terroir vibrantly yoked with a foolproof testament of Torbreck’s masterful blending of Shiraz and Viognier.

If there ever was a vintage to invest in, one that encapsulates the fullest expression of Australian Shiraz, the 2017 RunRig undoubtedly holds a strong claim. Here's one for the discerning palate and the prudent investor alike.

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