Chapoutier   Ermitage le Meal

2019 Ermitage le Meal

By Chapoutier

2019 Ermitage le Meal from Chapoutier, Rhone

In the epicentre of elegance and finesse, the 2019 vintage of Ermitage le Meal from Chapoutier emerges as a quintessential representation of Rhone's renowned winemaking prowess. For anyone with an affinity for the magnificent terroir-driven wines of the Rhone Valley, this captivating offering will undoubtedly stir their senses in new and exciting ways.


A dance of strength and subtlety, a wine to behold

The genius of Chapoutier lies in their uncanny ability to capture and express subtleties inherent in unique vintages. The 2019 Ermitage le Meal is a wine of both power and poise; it seduces with its extraordinary balance and complexity.

On the palate, it navigates through layers of blackberry and currant, laced with savoury spice notes - yet there's an underlying freshness that keeps everything focused. A true embodiment of Rhone Syrah at its most expressive and generous.


From challenging conditions, fascinating flavours

The 2019 season presented a particular set of challenges, as climatic conditions fluctuated between dry spells and intense heatwaves. Yet it was under these testing circumstances that the characteristics which distinguish Ermitage Le Meal were honed.

Through harmonious integration of elegant fruit concentration and structured tannins, this vintage demonstrates how even under stressful conditions, phenomenal wines can emerge thanks to skilled winemaking and hardy vine stock.

With its compelling depth of flavour matched by potential for longevity, investing in the 2019 Ermitage le Meal from Chapoutier appears to be a decision not just for the taste buds but also for the portfolio resilience.

A masterpiece of winemaking, the 2019 Chapoutier Ermitage le Meal displays the strength and grace of dependable vines against all odds. It's a testament to the resilience of terroir, the mastery of the winemaker and an emblematic example of the depth and breadth of investment-worthy wines from the Rhone. Ultimately, it will be remembered as one of Rhone's standout wines, where power meets finesse to create an unforgettable wine experience.

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