Delas Freres   Cote Rotie la Landonne

2019 Cote Rotie la Landonne

By Delas Freres

2019 Cote Rotie la Landonne by Delas Freres, Rhone

The 2019 vintage from Delas Freres is an exemplar of exquisite Rhone viticulture. Blessed by a harmonious season, the 2019 Cote Rotie la Landonne vividly showcases the unique attributes that set it apart from its predecessors.


Introducing The Noble Syrah

Rooted in the region’s granitic soils, the Syrah vines of la Landonne offer the quintessential representation of Rhone terroir. In this auspicious year, Delas Freres masterfully captures the inherent potency and elegance of Syrah, crafting a wine denoting both precision and power.

This extraordinary yield of berries have been meticulously transformed into a majestic libation - one that stands as a testament to the invigorating influence of Rhone's climatic conditions on vine cultivation.


A Vintage Set Apart

The conditions of 2019 provided a delicate balancing act between heat and hydration - a dance that was impeccably choreographed in this instance. The resulting wine astounds with its fine-tuned harmony, rasping yet poised in its powerful black fruit flavours.

Penetrating aromas of wild blackberry and ripe plum give way to vivid layers of spice and smoke, encapsulated in a velvety texture unrivalled in depth. La Landonne 2019 reflects the brighter side of Syrah, demonstrating what can be achieved when meticulous winemaking meets propitious climatic conditions.


An Investment Worth Overflowing For

In terms of wine investing, 2019 Cote Rotie la Landonne from Delas Freres is a compelling choice, not just for its pronounced qualities, but also for its potential to evolve beautifully over time.

One can expect this vintage to mature exquisitely, its complexity amplified further, further setting it apart from previous vintages. For those demanding more than a mere dalliance with their investments, this is a wine that promises both an embodiment of craft and a rewarding cellar journey.

To unseal a bottle of 2019 la Landonne is to unleash the veritable essence of Cote Rotie - an experience that serves as much a reminder of the magnificence inherent in grand cru Syrah as it does the limitless potential of intelligent wine investment.

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