Delas Freres   Hermitage les Bessards

2017 Hermitage les Bessards

By Delas Freres

2017 Hermitage les Bessards from Delas Freres, Rhone

In the enigmatic terroir of Rhone valley, the 2017 offering of Hermitage les Bessards from Delas Freres makes its warranted entrance. A striking specimen that certainly warrants keen attention from fine wine collectors and investors alike.


Distinctive Notes, Incomparable Vintage

The 2017 vintage from Delas Freres roots its unique characteristics in a year that saw challenging climatic conditions, yet paradoxically accentuating the inherent quality of their vineyard's every pour. The Hermitage les Bessards unveils a seductive ballet of dark fruit aromas punctuated with hints of licorice.

Echoing this dance, the palate seizes hold with an intensity of ripe blackberry and currant flavours, layered with whispers of spice, conveying an earnest sense of honesty to its hallowed Rhone origin.


A Confluence of Elements Creating a Promising Investment

With an estimate barrel-aging spanning nearly two years, it marries an impressive structure with an anticipation-inducing complexity -- precisely the traits that reassure astute wine investors seeking viable ageing opportunities. This particular vintage showcases Delas Freres' ability to adeptly articulate the potential within challenging vintages.


Rhone’s Resilience Unveiled

The paradoxical year worked a strange magic in Rhone - a masterclass for those in viniculture to behold in ensuing decades. Each pour from the 2017 Hermitage les Bessards imbues these conditions, encapsulating both Rhone’s resilience and testament to Delas Freres' vine tending prowess.

Considered one of the superlative Syrah expressions, this vintage captures a theatrical quality with its dark fruits engaged in sinuous discourse against the backdrop of a robust structure. It is both strikingly elegant and complex, offering substantial ageing potential.

An impressive investment-worthy wine, the 2017 Hermitage les Bessards from Delas Freres holds the promise of an alluring unison between the tumultuous conditions of that year and viticultural finesse, proclaiming Rhone’s enduring majesty.

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Archetypal Les Bessards, the Delas 2017 Hermitage Les Bessards boasts rich, deep cassis fruit accented by hints of crushed stone and pencil shavings. It's full-bodied, ripe yet firm, with great energy, freshness and length on the spice-tinged finish. While relatively approachable young, it should age well for up to two decades. Tasted twice (once blind), with one bottle showing more peppery spice, red berries and cured-meat notes.

Joe Czerwinski - The Wine Advocate, 19 December 2019

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