Delas Freres   Hermitage les Bessards

2019 Hermitage les Bessards

By Delas Freres

The Sensational 2019 Hermitage les Bessards from Delas Freres, Rhone

Delas Freres’ masterful creation, the 2019 Hermitage les Bessards, unequivocally attests to their artistry and deep understanding of ancient terroirs nestled within the enduring Rhone Valley. Officially cementing their reputation as one of the leading vintners of France, the mesmerizing Hermitage les Bessards mirrors the ideal climatic conditions and unique grape varietals that characterised the year 2019 in this fine wine-producing region.


A Celebrated Vintage - A Regal Offering

The 2019 Rhone climate, as we all remember, unfolded its course majestically; mild winter, early budburst followed by a relatively hot summer imparted a robust structure and ripeness to this Hermitage. The resulting richness from Delas Freres demarcates this from other vintages and aligns it as a sound candidate for wine investment portfolios.

Sampled from a glass, an expressive bouquet of blackberries, currant and crushed rocks unfurls gradually. The deep ruby hued juice entices you with complex aromas that guide through an unforgettable journey right to your palate.


Acclaimed Terroir - Timeless Investment

The hill of Hermitage is famed for its granite soils, notable compounds that lend extraordinary intensity and deep flavour profile to Syrah-centric wines like Les Bessards. This Herculean expression of Syrah exudes power and potential, inviting a long ageing trajectory - crucial factors for strategic wine investment.

The remarkable structure of the 2019 Hermitage les Bessards combined with robust tannins and a classic Delas Freres charm sustains the guise of a unicorn wine for collectors and investors alike - a sparkling gem in the Rhone’s jewel-encrusted crown.

The 2019 Hermitage les Bessards from Delas Freres vividly highlights the characteristics of the vintage, comfortably secured in history as a rendition of the perfect symphony between viticulture and vinification. Offering not just an enchanting drama for the palate, but also a rewarding investment opportunity, it embodies the poetic narrative of fine Rhone wines.

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