Henschke   Hill of Grace

1990 Hill of Grace

By Henschke

An Icon of Australian Viticulture: 1990 Hill of Grace from Henschke

As the pages of vinous history turn, entire chapters are occupied by the 1990 Hill of Grace from Henschke, trailing enigmatic allusions on palates primed for the pinnacle expressions of Shiraz. One of Australia's iconic treasures, this vintage stands proudly in its defiance of time, maturing into a marvel ripe for fine wine investment.


Heritage and Terroir Commingle

The Hill of Grace Vineyard, nestled within Eden Valley's ancient soils, benefits tremendously from climatic idiosyncrasies yielding firms tannins and fierce concentration. The ever-changing nuances imparted by the South Australian climate underscore each vintage with a distinctive signature. A long warm growing season marked the 1990 vintage, ensuring optimal ripeness and graceful ageing potential.


Savoring the Complexity

With its meteoric ascent into gustatory royalty, the 1990 Hill of Grace from Henschke enthrals in its complexity. Vivid aromas of black plum, clove, and eucalyptus allude to the intriguing tableau awaiting the tongue. Confronted by a symphony of notes ranging from rich fruit to exotic spices, balanced by whispers of tobacco and well-dacayed leather, even seasoned oenophiles confess to be left reeling in profound intrigue.


A Vintage Claiming its Place

Over three decades since its creation, the 1990 Hill of Grace continues to showcase an unrivalled finesse and quality that has left contemporary wines scrambling to match. It is a captivating testament to Henschke's winemaking prowess and an exemplary beacon for Australian Shiraz.

As you contemplate the evolution of your wine portfolio, the 1990 Hill of Grace from Henschke offers an exciting prospect for appreciation, both gustatory and financial. This wine proves skillfully that its fabric is woven from threads of history, patience, and ceaseless pursuit for quality—a rare and valuable addition to your wine collection.

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