Henschke   Hill of Grace

1995 Hill of Grace

By Henschke

1995 Hill of Grace from Henschke, Australia

In the arena of fine wine investment, few examples can truly rival the exhilarating prowess of the 1995 Hill of Grace from Henschke. This compelling vintage is a testament to Australia's robust winemaking landscape and is recognised as one of Henschke's most celebrated offerings.


An extraordinary vintage, an invincible investment

1995 was a year which dawned under ideal climatic conditions over the esteemed Hill of Grace vineyard. Edged by encouraging spring rains and nurtured through a near-perfect ripening period, the vintage emerged into maturity with a profoundly appealing Shiraz palette.

This expressive Australian exemplar propels the iconic Hill of Grace moniker to new heights, racing past its peers with striking aplomb. The 1995 Hill of Grace from Henschke is quite simply an intimidatingly immaculate creation.


Taste and Terroir: An Unarguable Union

Driven by intense concentration and piercing precision, the inky depth of this impeccable Shiraz paints a vivid tapestry on your senses. Layers of blackberry compote, stewed plums and tobacco dovetail into long strands of clove-spiced chocolate and leathery nuance, braced by beautifully ripe tannins.

Rooted in nutrient rich terra rosa soils and heartened by gentle valley breezes, this impeccably preserved Shiraz radiates an impressive depth and longevity as characteristic of its Eden Valley origins.


A Symphony in Each Sip

The symphony resounds in each sip; echoing the authentic expressions of its terroir coupled with its meticulously composed structure suggests that it leaves no stone unturned in conferring absolute investing satisfaction.

This investment-grade 1995 vintage from Henschke makes for an unmissable opportunity; a singular expression heralding from one of Australia's most sought-after terroirs. Its place in the tapestry of Australian wine investment is non-negotiable and its capacity to deliver returns as well as sensory delight, inarguable. For the discerning investor, such entrancing complexity suggests a rightfully secure place in any fine wine portfolio that aims for both pleasurable drinking and profitable investment.

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