Henschke   Hill of Grace

1996 Hill of Grace

By Henschke

1996 Hill of Grace from Henschke, Australia

Australia’s 1996 vintage stunned wine connoisseurs across the globe - and settling at its heart was the exceptional Hill of Grace from Henschke. The family-owned experiences of five generations had culminated to produce one of the most sought-after selections in the Australian Shiraz world, an investment-worthy treasure that still impresses decades later.


A Symphony of Sensory Delights

Unsealing a bottle of '96 Hill of Grace is akin to uncovering a time capsule of that year's exceptional winemaking conditions. Smoky, finely-grained undertones carrying whispers of the ironstone and clay-rich soil, waft through the immediate fragrance overlaying a beautifully interwoven mesh of red berries and spicy plum notes.

On tasting, this Australian star dazzles with a stellar structure and depth, holding captivating flavours mirroring the rich, varied tapestry of Eden Valley's terroir. Intense red berry core notes cascade onto the palate unfolding into perfectly harmonised layers of spice and leather. Quite simply, revisiting this variety feels almost like announcing another grand flourish in an already acclaimed symphony.


Time and Grace in Perfect Harmony

The 1996 Hill of Grace stands as an example of how climate plays a defining role in wine production. The cooler climatic conditions presented a slower ripening period for the grapes yielding longer-term flavour developments for the Shiraz—manifesting in superior tannic structure and complexity in taste upon maturation. The vintage’s exquisite balance showcases just how Henschke has mastered the blending artistry with time and patience.

Known worldwide for their dedication towards sustainable viticulture practices and their single-vineyard wines' sophistication, Henschke has crafted the 1996 Hill of Grace into a distinct representation of the vintage, painting an eloquent testimonial to their love and understanding of the Eden Valley's terroir.

A photogenic bottle that holds, within its walls, an encapsulation of Australian winemaking prowess in '96—the Hill of Grace from Henschke is about investing not just in a physical object but a sensorial experience, a piece of exquisite historical tapestry.

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