Henschke   Hill of Grace

1997 Hill of Grace

By Henschke

1997 Hill of Grace by Henschke, Australia, Rest of the World

The 1997 Hill of Grace from Henschke offers a spirited reflection of the weather patterns and unique Australian terroir from that rare vintage. As the skies opened up at key moments throughout the growing season, the vineyard enjoyed plentiful rain, leading to wines marked by profundity and complexity.


Defying Nature: The Unpredictable Victory

In a year that saw erratic conditions - from hailstorms to heat spikes, many Australian wineries struggled with fluctuating yields. Yet, in this chaotic backdrop, Hill of Grace steadfastly showcased its innate ability. The 1997 vintage outshone the many hurdles to secure exceptional ratings amongst serious wine investors.

Investors favoured the 1997 Hill of Grace from Henschke for its intensity and concentrated expression of Shiraz. There were whispers within collectors' circles of sumptuous dark fruit flavours, striking balance between acidity and tannin structure, brilliantly underpinned by a backbone of exotic spice and beautifully integrated French oak.


Capturing The Essence Of The Year, A Stalwart Vintage

Australia's dramatic climate led to an exclusive production in 1997. The flagship Shiraz held resilience till its final pour into the bottle. The bountiful yet beautiful chaos is just about perceptible on opening, imparting a thrilling sense of anticipation into every sip.

The 1997 Hill of Grace triumphs with its distinct layers - fleeting notes of black cherries and cinnamon entwined with subtle hints of truffles, making it an exquisite specimen in any discerning wine collection.

This captivating vintage is indeed a testament to Henschke's meticulous winemaking acumen. When opened, it takes you on an evocative journey back to 1997, unveiling its fascinating story, sip by glorious sip. A truly investable wine, it's an articulate expression of a unique year's triumph against the odds.

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