Henschke   Hill of Grace

2001 Hill of Grace

By Henschke

2001 Hill of Grace by Henschke, Australia

An elegy from the Australian outback, the 2001 Hill of Grace from Henschke pulls from the depths of its terroir to present an epistle of expressionistic viticulture that captivates investors and connoisseurs alike. Much like a symphony, it cunningly unravels its layers revealing its individual characteristics in an orchestrated crescendo.


Bringing forth an enduring beauty

The lovechild of an exceptional year, 2001 is enshrined in the annals of Eden Valley's winemaking tradition. Every vintage has its vagaries, but this one surpasses with an amicable weather pattern, imparting an ageworthy complexity to the 2001 Hill of Grace.

The arid summer brought forward a perfectly balanced crop with dense clusters, thus underpinning the remarkable intensity seen in this vintage. And then came an early autumn rain, adding a dose of fresh vibrance to this already enchanted narrative.


A vintage that pays tribute to time and terroir

Hailing from century-old vines and showcasing a deft balance between fruit intensity and poised structure, this iconic Austalian Shiraz remains emblematic of all that the noble varietal can accomplish when time and terroir conspire optimally.

The 2001 Hill of Grace from Henschke immediately arrests your attention with an impressive cascade of red currants, black cherries and plums suffused with hints of exotic spices, earthy truffle nuances and compelling smoky tones. In the grand tapestry of this wine's evolution over two decades, each thread—tannin, alcohol, fruit, acid—has been woven masterfully.


Investing in a piece of liquid artistry

Offering an intricate blend of robust flavour and refined structure, this wine presents not just an illustrious drinking experience, but also a promising investment horizon. As the allure of New World wines continues to captivate the global investor community, this vintage stands as a testament to the value proposition of fine Australian wines.

The 2001 Hill of Grace from Henschke entices with its quiet strength, intricate flavour profile and undeniable ageing potential. For the discerning investor, it represents an opportunity to possess a piece of Eden Valley's rich viticultural heritage and an immersive exploration of Australian Shiraz at its most majestic.

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