Henschke   Hill of Grace

2002 Hill of Grace

By Henschke

2002 Hill of Grace from Henschke, Australia's Grand Cru

The 2002 Hill of Grace, an exalted creation from the prolific hands of Henschke, adorns our glasses this season. Hailing from the verdant vineyards of Eden Valley, this iconic Australian Shiraz is a tour de force in the vinous universe. It marks a stunning testament to a vintage showered by ample rainfall, rendering rich soil moisture that nurtured burgeoning vines into balanced maturity.


A Striking Vintage With A Royal Pedigree

What sets the 2002 Hill of Grace apart is its intriguing timelessness, poise, and impressive complexity. It serves as one of the most investable vintages from Henschke and indeed Australia. As fine wine investors continue their discovery journey beyond Europe's renowned vineyard belts, the 2002 Hill of Grace manifestly crowns the namesakes of viticulture triumphs.

Permeating depths of intense, lavish dark fruit flavours gel with subtle shades of exotic spices, encased in silky tannins that dance upon your palate - an orchestration that mirrors those sought-after Rhône masterpieces.


The Breath-Taking Result Of Unfettered El Niño

The year 2002 was a product of unique climatic oscillations produced by El Niño phenomenon which brought warm, wet conditions to Australia. The peculiar circumstances led to an elongated ripening period that coaxed the best out of Eden Valley’s ancient dry-grown Shiraz vines.

It’s resulted in wines which age gracefully, unfurling an array of ever-evolving flavours over time. From redcurrant youthfulness to clove-spiced maturity, the 2002 Hill of Grace embodies a narrative worth savouring.

For connoisseurs seeking to diversify their collection or investors desirous of adding an exceptional jewel to their portfolio, the 2002 Hill of Grace from Henschke is a fascinating amalgamation of craftsmanship, patience, and heritage - a wine symbolic of Australia's vinicultural prowess; sober yet enthralling with endless layers of sensory delight.

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