Henschke   Hill of Grace

2007 Hill of Grace

By Henschke

2007 Hill of Grace by Henschke, Australia

In the illustrious assemblage of Australian wines, the 2007 Hill of Grace from Henschke confidently asserts its colossal presence. Celebrated for its unwavering fidelity to its train of elegant vintages, the esteemed Henschke estate outdoes itself with this compelling year.


A Bold Interpretation of a Challenging Vintage

The characterful narrative of 2007’s climatic challenges forged this riveting year. The hot summer and dry winter tested the tenacity of the vines, magnifying the prowess of estates that overcame these hurdles. In South Australia's Eden Valley, the Shiraz vines, over 150 years old and deeply rooted in the ancient, nutrient-rich soils, orchestrated a wine symphony that still deeply resonates today.

The 2007 Hill of Grace is an invigorating embodiment of Shiraz at its zenith. The intimate dance between harmony and power in this wine validates every accolade lavished upon it, revealing an impressive amalgam of structure, concentration, and longevity- all crucial components in any wine investment.


Unveiling Intensity and Grace on Every Layer

This captivating episode in Henschke's lineage displays an enticing tapestry of polished black fruit highlighted by evolved expressions of forest floor and liquorice. Immersed within this delicious concoction are whispers of spice box and tobacco leaf, derived from meticulous oak maturation. With tannins as soft as silk caught in a summer breeze, the balance is impressive at once.

2007’s vintage unveils its secret Asian spice notes alongside hints of black truffle as the last sip lingers on your palate ensuing a finale that leaves you yearning for yet another inspiring encounter.

The 2007 Hill of Grace from Henschke: an intoxicating narrative penned by complex climatic elements, age-old vineyards and meticulous craftsmanship. And in the pages of this tale, savvy investors will find not just a wine, but a testament to an iconic year in Australian viticulture.

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