Henschke   Hill of Grace

2009 Hill of Grace

By Henschke

The Inimitable 2009 Hill of Grace from Henschke, Australia

Set to captivate even the most discerning of palates, the 2009 Hill of Grace from Henschke pushes the boundaries of the exemplary heritage that this highly esteemed producer is renowned for. Delving into this vintage is akin to exploring the history and heart of Australia's Eden Valley, pulling back the veil to discover a raw and unapologetic expression of its terroir.


A Vintage Testament to Time and Terroir

The 2009 Hill of Grace is a sterling example of Henschke's commitment to retaining the unrivaled characteristics of the Shiraz grape, while integrating elements that make this vintage remarkably distinguished. A portfolio cornerstone for any serious wine investor, 2009 was a year that drew forth a depth and complexity from Australia’s vineyards that is quite rare indeed.

The temperate oscillations between hot dry days and cool evenings during the 2009 growing season allowed this Shiraz to mature leisurely, imbuing it with impeccable balance and intensity - a duality brought about by weather conditions seamlessly combining to create an optimum viticulture environment. Akin to a skillfully penned ballad, the 2009 Hill of Grace exhibits an elegant eloquence in its profound expressiveness.


An extraordinary Symphony in a Bottle

Blossoming with an aristocratic allure that is both enticing and enveloping, this fine vintage seduces with top-notes of black plum and oriental spice, followed classically by an enticing earthiness, indicative not just of a superb Shiraz but of a truly exceptional year. At its heart lies an unwavering structure and harmony, a coming together of intense dark-fruit flavors cocooned in polished tannins that pave the way for a resoundingly persistent finish.

This harmonious assembly echoing the sophisticated symphony of Australia's unique terroir spotlights the 2009 Hill of Grace as not only a wise investment for the discerning but also one of Australia’s supreme expressions of Shiraz. Showcasing the sheer magnificence its heritage vineyard is capable of, this offering from Henschke has truly hit a high note.

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