Henschke   Hill of Grace

2010 Hill of Grace

By Henschke

2010 Hill of Grace from Henschke, Australia

Investors and aficionados seeking the essence of Australian terroir wine need look no further than the 2010 Hill of Grace from Henschke. This extraordinary vintage captures an exceptional harvest year, single-vineyard heritage, and the unwavering dedication of a family deeply rooted in their craft.


The Yield of a Year's Grace

The climatic conditions that shaped the 2010 Hill of Grace were nothing short of divine. The season started with ample winter rains that replenished the vines after several drought years. A warm, dry spring assured a favourable budburst, while summer delivered temperate consistency allowing the Shiraz grapes to ripen evenly, developing phenomenal depth and flavour concentration.

The year's favourable weather patterns resulted in robust fruit that form this vintage's foundation. It's a testament to nature’s generosity married with human skill - an ideal asset for fine wine investing.


Outstanding Character Unleashed

Beneath its deep crimson cloak, 2010 Hill of Grace delights the senses with an impressive bouquet of black fruit and exotic spices layered over subtle undertones of toasted oak. This is beautifully echoed on the palate where concentrated dark cherries, blackberries, and nuances of oriental spices entwine seamlessly with finely-knit tannins. A typical expression of aristocratic Eden Valley Shiraz yet lifted by the energy of its particular vintage.


Harmony in Longevity

This vintage does "ageing potential" grand justice. The poised structure, intensity, and balance inherent in its DNA promise longevity; a must for your wine investment portfolio. With each passing year, this Hill of Grace will unfold its complexities ever more, enchanting with evolving narratives captured in a bottle.

So invest with confidence in this statement vintage from the renowned Henschke family. The 2010 Hill of Grace - a harmony of grace and grit, epitomising Australia's timeless contribution to the world of fine wine.

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