Henschke   Hill of Grace

2011 Hill of Grace

By Henschke

2011 Hill of Grace from Henschke, Australia

The premier 2011 Hill of Grace from Henschke is, without doubt, one of Australia's finest expressions of wine prowess. This specific vintage stands out amongst its brethren; a veritable phoenix that rose grandly from the ashes of what was a particularly challenging year in terms of weather conditions. But yet, like alchemists working their magic, Henschke deftly navigated nature's vagaries to deliver a wine that's nothing short of remarkable.


A Triumph Amidst Trials

Low rainfall and high temperatures created stress for the vines in 2011. However, the centuries-old, resilient Shiraz vines on Hill of Grace vineyard thrived in adversity, capturing the intense flavours and nuances that the year had to offer. Their deep roots reaching into the Eden Valley's unique terroir greeted hardship with resolve, leading to low yields but lending extraordinary concentration and complexity.


An Investment in Elegance

Ethereal and elegant yet powerful - that's what characterises the 2011 Hill of Grace from Henschke. On the palate, it'd lead you on a multilayered tapestry ride boasting lush fruit flavours interwoven with spice, anise and pepper undertones. Its finely balanced tannins and long finish are a testimony to its maturation potential, making it an attractive proposition for discerning wine investors.


Fine Australian Terroir Immortalised

In this bottle of 2011 Hill of Grace lies encapsulated a sense of time and place. Coming from a vineyard filled with vines over a century old, steeped in rich history and tradition, this epitomises Australia's deep viticultural roots. A sip would transport you to the sun-drenched slopes of Eden Valley, teasing out the essence and diversity of its unique terroir.

To sum it all, 2011 Hill of Grace represents Henschke's commitment to excellence, their mastery of vine cultivation and winemaking. It is a singularly compelling investment due to its rarity, ageability and the supreme quality that consistently places it amongst the pantheon of world-class wines.

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