Henschke   Hill of Grace

2012 Hill of Grace

By Henschke

2012 Hill of Grace from Henschke, Australia

Embarking upon the tasting journey of the 2012 Hill of Grace from Henschke is akin to stepping into an idyllic vignette of Eden Valley's enthralling terroir. The year 2012 was indeed gracious to this region of Australia, gifting us a wine that encapsulates the vitality of the land from which it sprung.


Rarity and Excellence: A Worthy Wine Investment

One cannot speak of Henschke without alluding to the strong familial bond and commitment that drive this five-generation winery. They conjure visual and olfactory symphonies from their old, gnarled Shiraz vines, turning vineyard treasures into compelling investment narratives. If anything, the 2012 Hill of Grace is a testament to this prowess.

The Oculus, a critical element of the wine investor's toolkit, is held captive by the deep crimson allure that flows into the glass. As it breathes, an intricately woven bouquet emerges, strings of blackberry and plum notes coiled around a floral heart and ground with subtle tones of herbs and spices.


Australia's Resilient Terroir Triumphs

In contrast to its European counterparts beleaguered by climatic woes in 2012, Australia's Eden Valley rejoiced in a near-perfect growing season. This did not come without its challenges, but resilient vines proved their worth as they thrived in adversity.

On the palate, the 2012 Hill of Grace manifests its duality - robust yet supple tannins create a harmonious song with balanced acidity, underpinning lush dark fruit flavours. Each sip introduces layers of complexity captured in its mineral backbone - a tightrope walk of power and finesse.


Noble Heritage, Promising Future

Every vintage comes with its unique charm, its own tale to tell - 2012 Hill of Grace isn't an exception. From the seasoned hands of Henschke, this wine represents a captivating dalliance between ancient vines and hospitable climatic conditions, resulting in an offering with profound ageing potential.

The 2012 Hill of Grace from Henschke embodies the soul of Australia's terroir with striking authenticity. As an investment, it is a beacon among fine wines - a distinct offering that promises a wealth of sensory gratification across time.

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