Henschke   Hill of Grace

2013 Hill of Grace

By Henschke

2013 Hill of Grace from Henschke, Australia, Rest of the World

Emerging from a distinguished lineage of fine wines, the 2013 Hill of Grace from Henschke is a particular prize for serious wine aficionados. The 2013 vintage distinguishes itself not merely as an ambassador of Henschke's signature style but as a timeless testament to the complexities of Eden Valley's unique terroir.


Balancing Power and Elegance with Investment Potential

A savvy choice for discerning investors, this vintage combines the potential for price appreciation with the simple pleasure derived from enjoying a wine of extraordinary quality. Its prominent tannin structure holds out the promise of long-term ageing and growth in value. Indeed, investing in the 2013 Hill of Grace could well prove to be a case of immense cellar potential co-existing with yield on investment.

Seasonal variations combined with Eden Valley’s terroirs granted this 2013 release an extraordinary level of depth and complexity. The year was marked by lower than average rainfall and mild temperatures, conditions that allowed the Shiraz grapes to ripen slowly and develop a brilliant array of flavours.


Austrailian Excellence Culminated in a Single Vintage

Those who partake in the 2013 Hill of Grace will discover an elaborate palette—think ripe dark plum and blackberry accented with nuances of exotic spice, clove, and cedar. Finely textured tannins contribute to a near-perfect balance, underscoring the winemakers' masterful command over their art. The finish lingers, long, potent and gratifying—a reward for anyone privileged enough to savour this unique Australian Shiraz.

This is more than just incredible wine—it's an important piece in the mosaic of Australia's vinous history, making the 2013 Hill of Grace from Henschke a highly sought after and lucrative investment for any wine collector.

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