Henschke   Mount Edelstone

2011 Mount Edelstone

By Henschke

2011 Mount Edelstone from Henschke, Australia

Embodied in the bottle of the 2011 Mount Edelstone from Henschke is the spirit of the Australian outback, a testament to 40 years of winemaking expertise, and an exquisite representation of vintage Shiraz. The uniqueness of this specific vintage is palpable, reverberating with an intense expression of Australia's formidable climatic conditions.


2011: A challenging yet rewarding year

The year 2011 was not without its setbacks for Australian vineyards. Widespread flooding raised concerns about potential disease pressure on the vines but, against such odds, Henschke has delivered a standout wine with the Mount Edelstone.

This vintage is the embodiment of precise winemaking finesse and resilience. The result is a Shiraz that sings its own epic ballad - robust, yet with pronounced elegance that separates it from its peers.


Artful and Enigmatic Characteristics

On opening the 2011 Mount Edelstone, one can immediately discern notes of blackberry, pepper and clove, interjected with intriguing undertones of florals and earth. Swirling this wine in your glass unlocks a multidimensional spectrum of scents and flavours befitting its rich pedigree.

The balance between acidity and tannins is divine - a tasteful homage to the challenges met and overcome in 2011. The finish is long-lasting, a poetic rendition that exhibits both power and depth whilst allowing glimpses of finesse to shine through time after time.

This stellar output reaffirms Henschke's reputation as one of Australia's premier Wineries. As an investment prospect, the 2011 Mount Edelstone carries a certain allure encapsulated in its synergy of historic prominence and distinct taste profile. It is a wine not just for appreciating, but for savouring and investing in.


Clarity found in the complex

The 2011 Mount Edelstone by Henschke merges authenticity of region with the uniqueness of vintage. This one-off wonder emerged from a year considered challenging yet turned it into an opportunity to through its audacious flavour expression.

As with every stroke of genius, where others saw adversity, Henschke found promise. An experience to unfold, an asset worth owning - this is what enlightened investments in wine are all about.

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