Henschke   Mount Edelstone

2012 Mount Edelstone

By Henschke

2012 Mount Edelstone from Henschke, Australia

Among the myriad of remarkably crafted vintages emanating from Down Under, the 2012 Mount Edelstone from Henschke has distinguished itself - reverently carved a niche in the high echelons of New World Shiraz.


The Pride of Eden Valley

Henschke's devotion to authentic Australian viticulture translates beautifully into their wines, which have become synonymous with quality and typicity. The profound palate profile it presents is seamless and astounding, unique to this dynamic wine investment landscape.

The 2012 Mount Edelstone commands attention. Its tapestry showcases the vibrancy of Shiraz married with the depth and complexity rendered by an extraordinary season.


Crafting a Symphony, the investment boon

This vintage splendidly reflects the characteristic berry richness of Shiraz while subtly echoing its Eden Valley terroir. Each sip is akin to a conversation with Mother Earth - all about that complex year when Nature honoured this corner of the planet.

Equally sumptuous and structured, it marries power with finesse, exuding opulent notes of blackberry coulis, mocha and star anise with an elegant infusion of cigar tobacco and earthy undercurrents, contributing to its fantastic ageing potential.


A Year to Remember

The 2012 season was notable in Australia for consistent warmth and minimal rainfall throughout important ripening months. This idyllic weather painted a perfect stage for vintners like Henschke to produce some phenomenal creations like this unforgettable Shiraz.

This ‘magnus opus’ of Australian Shiraz thereby reaffirms Henschke’s role as one of the great curators of Australian vinous investment masterpieces.

The 2012 Mount Edelstone, in this sense, goes beyond just flavourful ecstasy - it is the bedrock of fine wine investments - longevity, rarity, and above all else, magnificence in each drop. It is indeed, a famed chorale that sings praises of an eventful year and the genius of a seasoned winemaker.

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