Henschke   Mount Edelstone

2013 Mount Edelstone

By Henschke

2013 Mount Edelstone from Henschke, Australia

While Australia has demonstrated an impressive ability to deliver in terms of robust Shiraz vintages, the 2013 Mount Edelstone from Henschke distinctly manifests a deft balance between power and finesse seldom encountered in other expressions. A true superstar from the Eden Valley in South Australia, it has much to exhibit and tales to tell.


Exceeding expectations: An investment worth savouring

This wine, filled with profound historical significance and hailing from ancient vines planted almost a century ago, seems to carry the rich heritage of these prized soils into every bottle. The 2013 Mount Edelstone exhibits a seductively deep garnet hue, and presents an alluringly complex nose dominated by the unique blend of blackberry compote, Chinese five-spice, and hints of anise.

Whilst more commonly grown Syrah grapes are revered for their ubiquitous charm; however, Australia's Shiraz variant seems like an entirely different beast. It is this trademark profile that Henschke works magic on with the 2013 Mount Edelstone exuding a personality as assertive as it is enchanting.


A heavenly year for Australian viticulture

The climatic conditions of 2013 in the Eden Valley were rather idyllic with proportionate rainfall and soaring temperatures nurturing the vines - making it one of the particularly fine vintages. Every swirl in the glass unfurls a hypnotic blend of black fruit flavours layered with rich chocolate tones and a peppery finish - reminiscent of a sultry Australian summer’s day.

The 2013 Mount Edelstone steadfastly echoes its opulent profile right through to its lingering finish. Its tannic structure is elegant yet assertive, demonstrating potential for significant aging and a remarkable investment prospect.

Henschke’s 2013 Mount Edelstone truly is a testament to their commitment towards creating wines of exceptional quality. The vintage serves as a spectacular amalgamation of the Eden Valley's unique terroir, climatic grace and Henschke’s renowned vinification prowess, concocting a beautifully balanced symphony in the glass. With its ageing potential and consistent critical acclaim, the 2013 Mount Edelstone is one of the most exciting offerings from Australia to grace our fine wine investment portfolio.

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