Henschke   Mount Edelstone

2014 Mount Edelstone

By Henschke

2014 Mount Edelstone by Henschke, Australia

Entering its esteemed seventh year, the 2014 Mount Edelstone from Henschke effortlessly maintains the label's reputation for delivering exquisite Shiraz steeped in Australian viticulture history. Straight from the idyllic and sun-soaked vineyards of Eden Valley, this wine bears testament to Henschke's dedication to honouring the land while crafting each bottle to perfection.


An Undeniable Investment Figure

The 2014 vintage showcases why this particular offering has become an undeniable investment figure within the wine sector. Prized for its consistent maturity and quality, seasoned investors are quick to add this formidable piece to their collections, recognizing it as a truly representative Australian Shiraz with a fine aging potential.

Brimming with power yet controlled in nature, the 2014 Mount Edelstone offers impeccably layered black fruit aromas harmoniously bound together with rich undernotes of cassis and finely balanced tannins. A paragon of poise and elegance, this wine personifies the convergence of regional pedigree and winemaker expertise.


An Expression of a remarkable Vintage

Australia was granted particularly favourable climatic conditions in 2014, which presented a unique opportunity for producing complex Shirazes with bold, robust flavours. Reflective of these climatic elements, the 2014 Mount Edelstone from Henschke radiates a fine balance between rich fruit concentration and discerning acidity.

Marked by its intense plum and dark cherry notes interwoven with subtle hints of pepper and spice on the palate, this elegant red provides an indelible finish that lingers long after the last sip is savoured. A captivating mélange of flavour and texture make it a standout amongst its peers.

With each taste, one experiences a glorious journey through Mount Edelstone’s distinct terroir of the Eden Valley, making the 2014 vintage a testament to Henschke’s commitment to bringing the finest version of Australian Shiraz to wine enthusiasts and investors alike. Resilient, memorable, and undeniably alluring - that's what makes the 2014 Mount Edelstone by Henschke an investment not just in wine, but in pure Australian artisanal elegance.

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