Henschke   Mount Edelstone

2015 Mount Edelstone

By Henschke

2015 Mount Edelstone from Henschke, Australia, Rest of the World

An iconic single-vineyard Shiraz, the 2015 Mount Edelstone from Henschke encapsulates the compelling essence of Eden Valley's terroir. Since the establishment of the historic vineyard in 1912, its virtues have steadfastly mirrored the ever-evolving renaissance of Australian viticulture.


The 2015 Vintage: A Testament to Balance and Precision

Gracefully poised within a remarkable vintage year, the 2015 Mount Edelstone illuminates the breadth and depth of its pedigree. The culmination of consistently suburban seasons confers upon this Shiraz an impeccable balance and near-perfect ripeness.

Notably smooth rounded tannins serve as a commanding backbone to succulent black cherries, dark plums and forest fruits. In its wake, lingering traces of spice hint at Eden Valley’s classic cool climate attributes.


Data-driven Viniculture, Quality Results

Drawing upon generations of Henschke family wisdom with a modern embrace of precise data innovation, Mount Edelstone vineyards are meticulously managed to suit the variances of each vintage year. The resulting fruit is robust yet resilient, revered by both enthusiasts and investors alike.

Attractive investment opportunities often fall into the hands of those who value long-term quality and astute selection. Given the sterling reputation and recognised superb ageing potential, Mount Edelstone is one of these prime candidates.


Celebrating An Icon

Rife with layered complexity beneath youthful exuberance, the 2015 Mount Edelstone articulates an intoxicating narrative between vine and viticulturist. Charged with resonating character and a future promising resilience, this is a testimony of Shiraz finesse, a celebration of Eden Valley’s distinct terroir.

Absolute attention to detail in the vineyard, combined with the climatic serendipity of 2015, crafts a Mount Edelstone that reverberates the heritage of Henschke and uncompromising quality. An influential figure in any curated portfolio, this wine is as much an investment in the narrative of Australia's fine wine history as it is a testament to its vibrant presence on the world stage.

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