Henschke   Mount Edelstone

2016 Mount Edelstone

By Henschke

2016 Mount Edelstone from Henschke, Australia, Rest of the World

From the sun-kissed Australian ground springs a masterpiece of vineyard artistry, the 2016 Mount Edelstone by Henschke. A time-honoured wine producer, Henschke delivers an iteration of Mount Edelstone that stakes its reputation on emanating the exquisite character of a unique harvest.


Distinct vintage character in the bottle

A capricious climate in 2016 proved an unseen boon for the diligent vintners at Henschke. The oscillation between wet and dry periods ubiquitously occurred in Australia's wine-growing regions, providing an opportunity for experienced winemakers to create a vintage reflecting the soil's struggle and triumph, notably present in this Mount Edelstone expression.

As a result, the 2016 Mount Edelstone reveals a Shiraz that balances power with elegance - a symphony of tasteful complexity that charms sophisticated palates. Time in the bottle has allowed this Australian ambassador to achieve an exquisite equilibrium between ripe black fruit notes and earthy undertones.


An Australian gem offering robust investment value

Indeed, as those who have tasted this fine wine will attest, 2016 Mount Edelstone tells the tale of Australia's formidable terroir through shiraz grapes cosseted and curated to wine investor's delight. Evidence of admirably aged wines offering evergreen appeal in the market resides in bottles like this - mounting evidence of its investible nature and profitability potential.

Such gastronomic depth coupled with voluptuous texture speaks volumes about not only Henschke's prowess but also solidifies 2016 Mount Edelstone as a firm competitor among exalted wines seen as a supremely attractive proposition for serious wine investors.


Old vines, new appeal

The fact that this wine is produced from some of the oldest Shiraz vines in Australia only adds to its charm and value. Mature vines yield fruit of intensified depth and flavour elevated by 2016’s capricious climate. The final result is a sublime wine that showcases the terroir's resilience and singularity during such year - elements only adding to its worthy investment credentials.

As we raise a glass to exceptional wines, 2016 Mount Edelstone from Henschke stands prominently, reminding us how a challenging vintage can turn into a praiseworthy nectar, marking it as one of the most intriguing Australian wine investment opportunities of recent years.

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