Mouton Rothschild announces artist for 2018 vintage


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Chateau Mouton Rothschild announced that the label for its 2018 vintage will feature artwork by Xu Bing, a Chinese artist known for printmaking and installation art.

The iconic wine producer selects a famous artist each year to design an original work for its label, with the announcement highly anticipated by many in the market. Xu Bing’s 2018 design displays the name ‘Mouton Rothschild’ written in a unique script called Square Word Calligraphy. Xu Bing developed this artistic form of writing by reshaping Latin alphabet letters to resemble traditional Chinese characters, suggesting a blending of different cultures. Xu Bing’s previous work has showcased in several leading galleries and museums around the world and covers many different media, including wood engraving, large installations, and sculpture.

Mouton Rothschild

The choice of Xu Bing this year indicates the growth of the Chinese market for fine wine. His label will adorn what early indications suggest will be a strong vintage. At the en primeur tasting of the 2018 Mouton Rothschild, Cult Wines noted it was ‘rich and dense – long finish with warmth and spicy aftertaste.’

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