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How to pair Prosecco with snacks and nibbles

Prosecco is fun, versatile and – compared to its equally bubbly counterpart Champagne – affordable. It’s little wonder, then, that it’s so often enjoyed on its own, or during times of celebration, throughout the day. A glass of full-bodied Merlot first thing on Christmas morning might raise a few eyebrows, but Prosecco? It’s practically the done thing.

But because it’s so often drunk by itself, fans of the Italian sparkler often don’t give much thought to the type of food it can be paired with. There’s no doubt that its versatility lends Prosecco well to snacks and nibbles, but which kind pair best? And what should you serve if, come Christmas, a wedding or simply a sunny Sunday, you want your guests to remain upright throughout the day? So in honour of National Prosecco Day on 13 August, we take a look at the perfect pairings to serve from dawn to dusk.

Prosecco in the morning

Start the day with a bang with a twist on the classic mimosa. Instead of traditional orange juice, add a healthy splash of Prosecco to alternatives such as cranberry or grapefruit juice, and add a sprig of fresh rosemary for refreshing floral notes.

Food-wise, drier ‘brut’ styles of Prosecco pair wonderfully with savoury flavours, so try salmon, avocado and egg-based breakfast canapes for a more casual take on the sit-down brunch.

Prosecco with mid-morning nibbles

Need something to tide your guests over until lunchtime? Try herb-laden strips of focaccia bread, or if you’re enjoying an extra-dry Prosecco, offer up light sponge cakes and macarons to balance sweeter flavours.

Prosecco at lunch

The gentle, effervescent nature of Prosecco means it’s the perfect accompaniment to a light lunch, but a light lunch doesn’t have to be synonymous with salad. Go for canapes that are rich in umami flavour, such as mini quiches, frittatas, sushi or prosciutto on toast, and if you’re keen to include some green, rocket is the perfect palate-cleansing choice.

Mid-afternoon Prosecco

Keep hunger at bay until dinner with a selection of roasted nuts and popcorn. Cashews, almonds, macadamia nuts and hazelnuts all boast a perfect complementary saltiness, with the crunch of the nuts and the gentle fizz of the Proseccos creating a delicious sensory experience.

Prosecco with dinner

It’s a great injustice for Prosecco that while it pairs well with almost everything, it’s often overlooked for inclusion at dinner, which is generally the biggest and most interesting meal of the day. And dinner being served in a bite-size, snacking format is no exception. Here, you can really go to town with cheese and charcuterie. Adding Prosecco’s bubbles and hint of salinity to rich meat and cheese keeps the palate refreshed and eager for more.

Prosecco in the evening

After a day of salty, umami flavours, now’s the perfect time to introduce some sweet snacks – just be sure you’re pairing them with a sweeter Prosecco, usually labelled ‘demi-sec’ or ‘doux’, so that neither is drowned out. Again, almost anything goes, but since we’re specifically looking at finger food, consider sweet pastries and cakes, and anything with a zingy fruit component, such as tarts and compotes, for really refreshing flavours.

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