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Champagne Investment Report 2023

Our 2023 Champagne Investment Report explains why we view the current market as an excellent buying opportunity.

In this report you will find:


  1. Explanation of Champagne’s investment credentials

  2. Performance overview of the Champagne market

  3. Our outlook and approach to the market

  4. List and summary of our target producers


Prestige, scarcity and ageing potential

Champagne brings all the ingredients of a great fine wine investment. As a result, the world’s most celebrated sparkling wine has brought much joy to wine investors in recent years with some of the biggest returns in all fine wine.

Current conditions point to the most buyer-friendly Champagne market in recent memory. Prices of some high-end vintage Champagnes have dipped in the past few months, but market fundamentals remain aligned for long-term price appreciation.

Our 2023 Champagne Investment Report explains why we view the current slowdown as a buying opportunity that shouldn’t be missed! We also delve into our target lists for vintage Champagnes from Les Grandes Marques and notable Grower producers.


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