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American wines see most active trading week of the year


Sterling’s yearly low against the dollar and euro helped boost trade activity last week, as weekly trade on Liv-ex lifted to a two-month high.

Despite favourable trading conditions for non-sterling buyers and Bordeaux’s white wines seeing their most active week of the year, the region’s market share dropped to 50.6% from last week’s 70.5%. Buyers were instead much more interested in wines from the USA, which also had their most active trading week of the year. Heavy trading of Opus One 2014 helped lift the area’s market share to 11.7% from just 0.6% the previous week.

Overall, Petrus 2009 was the most active wine by value this week. As Liv-ex reports, the last trade price of £34,300 per case of 12 represents a 14.3% increase since the start of the year. According to the platform, “In sluggish market conditions, Petrus has been one of the few brands to perform well.”

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