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2006 Mouton Rothschild

By Chateau Mouton Rothschild

2006 Mouton Rothschild from Chateau Mouton Rothschild, Pauillac, Bordeaux

If the bottled poetry of Pauillac could ever be encapsulated in liquid form, the 2006 Mouton Rothschild from Chateau Mouton Rothschild is one such sublime stanza. It is a vintage that whispers tales of the terroir's resilience in a year that challenged even the most esteemed Bordelais estates.


A Study in Elegance Amidst Adversity

The year 2006 was not without its trials for the Bordeaux region, with climatic conditions playing a restless symphony of sorts. And yet, amidst this backdrop, the artisans at Chateau Mouton Rothschild crafted a vintage that is now revered by investors and connoisseurs alike for its distinguished composure and ageing potential.

The 2006 Mouton Rothschild reveals an aromatic complexity right from the first encounter – an amalgamation of ripe blackcurrants, smokey cedar, and hints of exotic spices. The structured tannins present a tapestry woven with precision and finesse, suggesting that this wine has yet more secrets to unveil with time.

On the palate, it unfurls with assured grace; layers of dark fruit are punctuated by nuances of espresso and graphite, while a subtle undertone of oak lends a supportive embrace without overshadowing the wine’s intrinsic merit. The finish is persistent and leaves you contemplating its multifaceted nature – a testament to the meticulous vinification process that is Chateau Mouton Rothschild's hallmark.


An Investment Worthy Vintage

Given its timeless elegance and cellar longevity, 2006 Mouton Rothschild stands as a compelling addition to any wine investment portfolio. Its stature in maturity promises an evocative drinking experience—a culmination of patience rewarding those who appreciate the virtues of time on grand vin de Bordeaux.

In summation, as we reflect upon this distinctive 2006 vintage from Chateau Mouton Rothschild, we are reminded that true beauty can indeed emerge from adversity. With each nuanced sip, investors and aficionados alike will witness the artistry of Pauillac's unparalleled terroir – an oenological masterpiece awaiting its well-deserved recognition amidst fine wine collections globally.

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A sensational effort, the 2006 Mouton Rothschild exhibits an opaque purple color as well as a classic Mouton perfume of creme de cassis, flowers, blueberries, and only a hint of oak. Dalhuin told me that in whisky barrel-tasting vintages such as 1989 and 1990, Mouton was aged in heavily-toasted barrels, and they have backed off to a much lighter toast for the barrels’ interior. I think this has worked fabulously well with the cassis quality fruit they get from their Cabernet Sauvignon. The full-bodied, powerful 2006 possesses extraordinary purity and clarity. A large-scaled, massive Mouton Rothschild that ranks as one of the top four or five wines of the vintage, it may turn out to be the longest-lived wine of the vintage by a landslide. The label will undoubtedly be controversial as a relative of Sigmund Freud, Lucian Freud, has painted a rather comical Zebra staring aimlessly at what appears to be a palm tree in the middle of a stark courtyard. I suppose a psychiatrist could figure out the relationship between that artwork and wine, but I couldn’t see one. This utterly profound Mouton will need to sleep for 15+ years before it will reveal any secondary nuances, but it is a packed and stacked first-growth Pauillac of enormous potential. Anticipated maturity: 2020-2060+. Ever since owner Philippine de Rothschild put Philippe Dalhuin in charge at Mouton in 2004 there has been a dramatic reduction in the amount of wine produced under the Mouton Rothschild label. The selection process has been ratcheted up to the level of other first-growths, and that is reflected in what is clearly the greatest Mouton produced since 1982 and 1986. As I indicated in my barrel tasting notes, only 44% of the crop made it into the 2006 grand vin, which is the lowest percentage in more than fifty years. The final blend includes a high percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon (87%) and the rest Merlot (13%). No Cabernet Franc was utilized in 2006, and purchasers will have a long wait until this wine reaches full maturity. Keep in mind that, where well-stored, the 1986 currently tastes like a 4-5 year old wine, and the 1982 is just beginning to enter early adolescence. If you extrapolate from that, the 2006 will need at least twenty years to reach a teen-age status, and probably will not hit its plateau of maturity for three decades.

Robert Parker Jr - Wine Advocate #181 Feb 2009


Tasted blind at Southwold ’06 Bordeaux tasting. This has a beautifully defined, crystalline bouquet with blackberry, plum and a touch of violets; beguiling lift from the glass, its fingers caressing the senses and luring you back into the glass. There is tangible mineralite here, a Pauillac that exudes breeding. The palate is very smooth and harmonious, perfect balance, a more feminine wine but there is undoubtedly still a great deal of power and cohesion. Lingers beautifully on the finish. Divine. Tasted January 2010.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Sep 2010


Tasted at the Mouton-Rothschild vertical in London, the 2006 Mouton-Rothschild was really the wine that put winemaker Philippe Dhalluin on the map, in the sense that unlike the 2005 born in a great vintage, this 2006 had to transcend it. It remains one of the standouts of the growing season and actually replicates previous showings just the week earlier and in January. As expected, the nose has quite brilliant delineation with blackberry, graphite, here an almost cold slate-like scent. The palate is harmonious with the carefully judged acidity, fine-grain tannin and immense detail on the finish. Recent bottles suggest that it may close up for several years, in which case, either enjoy this in the next few months or cellar this for a few years and receive vinous dividends down the line. Tasted May 2016.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 31 January 2017

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