Domaine Dujac   Echezeaux

2018 Echezeaux

By Domaine Dujac

2018 Echezeaux from Domaine Dujac, Burgundy, France

In my four decades traversing the landscape of Burgundian viticulture, few estates have consistently drawn my admiration like Domaine Dujac. Their plots in Echezeaux, an area synonymous with opulence and finesse, are nothing short of extraordinary. The 2018 vintage emerges from its chrysalis with promises of becoming one of the finest iterations to grace the hallowed ground of this Grand Cru.


Harmonious Complexity: A Symphony in a Bottle

The 2018 Echezeaux from Domaine Dujac commands the senses with a stratified bouquet that evolves into an exquisite ensemble of ripe cherries, blackcurrant, and haunting whispers of undergrowth after autumn rain. It’s a testament to the deft craftsmanship at Dujac where each year’s trials and tribulations are woven into their fabric with remarkable dexterity.

In 2018, conditions fashioned a precise balance between acidity and tannin; a structure that fortifies prospects for its prosperous maturation. Allowing it to breathe unfurls layers akin to an intricately-restored tapestry—rich with history yet vibrating with present vitality.


Climate's Kind Embrace: The Alchemy of 2018

Certainly, the year was kinder than most; a warm and temperate season culminated in grapes resting comfortably in their skins, biding time until perfect ripeness was achieved. This climactic generosity is palpable in each sip. On the palate, velvety tannins partner with a lively mineral thread indicative of its Echezeaux roots—a region revered for its unique terroir-driven expression.

Investors and collectors should see in this vintage not just an opportunity to enrich their portfolio or cellar but to add a chronicle of the land and year that is 2018 Echezeaux from Domaine Dujac. Patient cellaring will unarguably reward those wise enough to invest now—as this wine promises to unveil more profundities over time.


Unveiling Potential: A Future Classic

In summation, the 2018 vintage from Domaine Dujac brims with potential—a harmonious blend of power and elegance that is the hallmark of outstanding Burgundy. It stands as a profound representation of what the terroir can yield in concordance with adept winemaking and favours from Mother Nature. Discerning palates will recognise its future as an essential part of serious collections. In investment terms, here lies a beacon among Burgundies, one whose value is assured judging by initial tastings—one eminently noteworthy among bottles from the 2018 Echezeaux vintages.

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The 2018 Echezeaux Grand Cru is a promising cuvée in the making, mingling aromas of dark berry fruit, cassis and cherries with notions of burning embers, dried flowers and dark chocolate. On the palate, it's medium to full-bodied, broad and ripely tannic, with a layered and nicely concentrated core, lively acids, and a well-defined finish.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 9 January 2020

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