Taittinger   Comtes de Champagne Rose

2015 Comtes de Champagne Rose

By Taittinger

2015 Comtes de Champagne Rose by Taittinger

Revelling in its glorious maturity, the 2015 Comtes de Champagne Rose from Taittinger presents an exquisite symphony of sublime notes, dancing on a perfectly calibrated vineyard timeline. The luxuriant nature of the 2015 growing season accentuates the profundity of character inherent in this Champagne’s pedigree.


A Vintage to Invest and Adore

Champagne Taittinger, a time-honoured producer, never fails to enlighten the wine investor market with their consistent composure in fabricating matchless vintage offerings. Their 2015 Comtes de Champagne Rose unequivocally embodies this excellence, borrowing precious rhapsodies from Mother Nature.

The climatic idiosyncrasies of this year have manifested uniquely in this wine's impeccably structured elegance and balance. It tantalises the palate with a lavish bouquet of wild strawberries garnished with hints of pomegranate - a delightful decadence only amplified by the generosity of the 2015 harvest.


Harmony Amid Warm Temperatures and Generous Grapes

The year 2015 carried an amiable summer that was conducive for grape ripening under optimal conditions - sunny yet bereft of scorching heat discomfort. It reaffirmed the age-old adage: temperament shapes character - but in this occurrence, it was vinous character indeed.

In this climatic context, the 2015 Comtes de Champagne Rose beamed like a beacon amid Grand Cru vineyards. The balance achieved, blending red and white wines, injects an ethereal charme into its ruby tinted core - incandescent, vibrantly alive, a testament to Taittinger's ability to harness the elements.

This rose exudes notes of ripe red fruits - cranberries and raspberries tempered with cassis hints - dancing on undertones of white flowers and soft spice. Its complexity ensnares, entertains, and reveals itself gradually - every sip a revelation paralleling your investment journey.

And so, as a lasting salute to the voluptuous ardour of the 2015 season, Taittinger's Comtes de Champagne Rose trumpets its victory across vineyards, into cellars, and on to indulgent occasions and prudent investments alike.

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