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Fine Wine Regions:

Ribera del Duero

Australia Wine Region Summary

Wine production in South Australia dates back to 1836, when prominent farmer, businessman and public figure John Barton Hack first planted vines in North Adelaide. These were pulled up only a few years later to make room for urban development, and replanted in a new vineyard at Echunga Springs, where upon Hack, delighted with the wine he subsequently produced, sent a case to Queen Victoria. This was the first ever Australian wine to reach the Queen.


Ribera del Duero Wine Region Summary

While the northern Spanish region of Ribera del Duero has only risen to prominence as a quality wine region over the last few decades, the relatively recent discovery of a 66-metre mosaic of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, confirmed what locals had always known: wine making in the region has been part of Ribera del Duero’s culture for centuries.


Rhone Wine Region Summary

The second largest wine-producing region in France, the Rhône Valley is the result of an enormous, age-old geological clash between the Massif Central and the Alps. Many millions of years later, the valley’s soils consist of granite, sandy silica, limestone and clay, meshing together to create a unique water filtration system for vines and determining the varied aromas and flavours of wines from the region, which is split into north and south areas, with a great expanse of land in between.


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