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20 April 2018

Chateau Figeac plans major winery expansion


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Saint Emilion’s Chateau Figeac has announced plans for a major expansion of its winery, cellar and vat rooms, in a bid to keep up with growth that has seen its vineyard surface area increase from 32 hectares to 40.5 hectares in just three years.

The two-year-long project will see the area of the chai (wine storeroom) expanded from its current 1,600m² to 5,000m². The new winery will extend over two levels underground, and include a vat room comprising eight oak vats and 40 stainless steel tanks – an increase on its current 16 steel tanks.

The plans also include a vat room for research and development, two large underground barrel rooms, a packaging area, a new bottle cellar and a cold room with space for 20 tonnes of berries.

The chateau has built a temporary 1,600m² cellar for operations during construction, which will be destroyed when the new facilities are finished.