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Move your wine portfolio to Cult Wines

It’s simple and stress-free. And just so you know, every portfolio transfer starts with a free valuation.


Our process

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Move your wine portfolio to Cult Wines


Our two-step process




Based on a few details about you and your wine, within 5 working days, we provide a full portfolio evaluation. Yes, it is free.


Move your wine portfolio to Cult Wines


You can transfer your portfolio into our custody following an easy process. Depending on wine storage, the transfer can take up to 2 weeks.

Why move your wine to us?

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About your portfolio transfer

  • Before the transfer, we’ll evaluate your portfolio.
  • We charge no fees to transfer your wines over to us for management. You may incur physical transportation costs charged by your current warehouse.
  • You can discuss your options post-transfer with your Relationship Manager.


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