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27 April 2018

Jane Anson delivers verdict on Bordeaux 2017

Jane Anson’s En Primeur report and scores have been published, with the critic calling the 2017 vintage a “bronze to silver year…with some clear pockets of gold”.

Her top-scorers were white wines. She acknowledged Mission Haut Brion Blanc as “an absolute testament to what white Bordeaux can achieve”, awarding it 98-100 points. Its counterpart Haut Brion Blanc, meanwhile, achieved 98 points. Both were “incredibly accomplished, sit up-and-take-notice whites this year”, she writes on Decanter. Pavillon Blanc from Chateau Margaux also achieved 98-100 points.

Anson’s top-scoring red was Lafite Rothschild, with 98 points. She called it “effortless but questioning, and most importantly it feels like a Lafite – for me this is a contender for red wine of the vintage.”

She concluded by noting that the 2017 is a year “where technical details count”, and advised collectors against buying blind.

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