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Lafite Rothschild 2017 a ‘considerable opportunity’ for buyers

The Bordeaux 2017 campaign has seen its final First Growth released. Lafite Rothschild 2017 is being released at an estimated price of €420 per bottle ex-negociant, down 8% on the 2016 release of €455. 

The wine has been well-received by all quarters, with Neal Martin scoring it 95-97 points and describing it as “for want of a better, less clichéd word, classic”. Lisa Perotti-Brown gave it 97-99 points.

According to Liv-ex, prices are correlated to both age and score in roughly equal measures, so an assessment of the 2017’s price in this view “suggests that today’s release represents a considerable opportunity to buyers”.

Liv-ex also notes that Lafite prices are also influenced by age, with prices correlated 55% to this metric. Based on today’s release, Liv-ex’s fair value methodology places the 2017 below the trend line, making it doubly attractive to buyers.

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