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Cult En Primeur Collection Series: The rise of super seconds


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Super seconds on the rise: our most treasured primeurs and why

This is the second part of our collection series, which shows you what Bordeaux primeurs the team at Cult Wines have been collecting and why.

Featured in this blog are Aarash Ghatineh, golden boy of Cult Wines and now the company’s Executive Director, Kazuaki Takabatake, the resolved Commercial Director of APAC region, and Olivia Souto, the ardent Portfolio Manager who always brings laughter and joy to the London office.

This week, all of our experts have chosen at least one super second as their most anticipated wine for the 2020 Bordeaux en primeur (EP). 


Aarash Ghatineh

Executive director | 10+ years with Cult Wines

blog2 AG

Most prized Bordeaux primeurs in Aarash's portfolio and why:

Pontet Canet 2009
Released at £75 /bottle | Currently £135 /bottle | +81% since release
“A part of Robert Parker's magical 20 tasting.”

Lafite 2014
Released at £240 /bottle | Currently £425 /bottle | +76% since release
“A no-brainer relative value buy.”

Calon Segur 2015
Released at £45 /bottle | Currently £70 /bottle | +49% since release
“The birth year of my children.”


Among the 300+ 2020 Bordeaux EP wines to be released Aarash is most excited about…

Carmes Haut-Brion 2020


To Aarash, wine is…

A never-ending journey of discovery and memorable experiences



Kazuaki Takabatake

Commercial director APAC | 2 years with Cult Wines

blog2 kaz

Most prized Bordeaux primeurs in Kaz's portfolio and why:

Cheval Blanc 2019
Released at £375 /bottle | Currently £455/bottle | + 21% since release

Mouton 2018
Released at £425/bottle | Currently £490 /bottle | + 15% since release

Rauzan-Segla 2018
Released at £75 /bottle | Currently £85 /bottle | + 13% since release


Why Kaz has chosen these primeurs?

“Brand and return on investment”


Among the 300+ 2020 Bordeaux EP wines to be released Kaz is most excited about…

Cos d'Estournel 2020 and Figeac 2020


To Kaz, wine is...

“A passion asset suitable for both investment and consumption”



Olivia Souto

Portfolio manager | 3 years with Cult Wines

blog2 liv

Most prized Bordeaux primeurs in Olivia’'s portfolio and why:

Carruades de Lafite 2017
“Historically speaking, second wines have been one of Cult Wines most successful investment strategies.”

Carmes Haut Brion 2018
“Carmes Haut Brion has minuscule production levels and presents fantastic quality in relation to its price point.”

Pontet Canet 2019
“This wine offered a fantastic price concession against the 2018 release!”


Among the 300+ 2020 Bordeaux EP wines to be released Olivia is most excited about…

Figeac 2020


To Olivia, wine is…

“A passion.”



What are super seconds?

These are producers that we believe are among the top chateaux outside of the First Growths. To name a few, Montrose, Pichon Lalande, Palmer and Cos d'Estournel are all some of the most beloved super seconds in Bordeaux. If there were a reclassification today, we think many of these names would be on the cusp of obtaining first-growth status.

To learn more about the different categories of Bordeaux EP and their investment potential, download Cult Wines’ Bordeaux EP 2020 report here. If you would like to know more about what other Bordeaux primeurs our team collect, this blog may also interest you.

Get in touch with the Bordeaux experts at Cult Wines to start building your own fine wine portfolio today.

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