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Buy Olivier Bernstein’s Romanée-Saint-Vivant now

Vintage: 2017
Classification: Grand Cru
Vineyard: Romanée-Saint-Vivant
Region: Vosne-Romanée, Burgundy, France
Bottle size: Standard (75cl) and Magnum (150cl)
All bottles come with original wooden casing (OWC)

Price: starting at £10,000

Following our successful auction of Bernstein’s 2017 Romanée-Saint-Vivant (RSV) one-of-one jeroboam for an impressive £57,000, we are pleased to offer this exceptional wine in standard bottles and magnums to fellow wine enthusiasts and collectors. 

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Interested in buying this wine or know a fellow collector who might be?  


1 Do I need to be a Cult Wine Investment client to purchase the wine?

No, for a limited time we are opening the opportunity to purchase Bernstein’s RSV 2017 directly through us as Cult Wines. To do so, either register your interest or email us directly at [email protected].

2 How many bottles are there?

There is only 1 barrel of this vintage of Bernstein’s Romanée-Saint-Vivant, collectors should act quickly. The number of Magnums is incredibly limited.  

3 How much is it?

The RRP for 75cl of Bernstein’s RSV17 is £10,000. Limited edition magnums are available for a price of £22,500. 

4 What formats can I buy the wine in?

You can purchase the wine in original wooden casing in the following formats. 75cl bottle, 150cl Magnum, x3 75cl case.

5 How can I buy it?

RSV17 will be available to purchase directly through Cult Wines, you don’t even need to be a client of ours. To enquire email [email protected]   

6 Where is the wine?

The wine is in Olivier Bernstein’s Maison where it will remain unless you wish to take physical ownership. The NFT attached to the wine denotes that it has remained I within OB’s Maison. Physical ownership includes those wishing to move the wine to Cult Wines’ bonded warehouses or other bonded facilities.   

7 Can I drink the wine?

Of course you can! The wine can be drunk and enjoyed once you take physical ownership. Yet, as with all great wines, the best things come to those who wait. 

8 When can the wine be delivered?

If you wish to take physical ownership of the wine, we will start deliveries from March 2023.

9 What makes wine a good investment?

Wine makes a great investment, not just for the returns but the experiences it offers.  
Top 3 investment merits:  

  1. Uncorrelated to the market: particularly handy during periods of market uncertainty.
  2. It’s a tangible asset: meaning that it has intrinsic value that makes it suitable for preserving wealth as a medium to long-term investment. 
  3. Increasing demand: growing global economies and a rise in curiosity around wine combined with reduction in supply means wine prices continue to rise.  

10 How does the NFT work once I purchase a bottle?

The NFT will have the following tag ‘Olivier Bernstein -> *buyers name*’.

From March 2023 buyers will be able to decide whether to keep the NFT and the wine will remain at Bernstein’s Maison, or to burn the NFT and have it delivered either to them personally or into bonded storage. The NFT may also be traded in the same way other NFTs are traded however the wine will remain connected to that NFT. 

11 Is the NFT burnt if I take physical possession of the wine?

Yes, the NFT is in place to demonstrate that the wine remains within Bernstein’s own Maison and provides the buyer with a ‘proof of ownership’. Physical delivery of the wine will burn the NFT. Physical delivery includes those wishing to move the wine in to Cult Wines’ bonded warehouses or other bonded facilities.   

12 How much did the jeroboam sell for?

The 1-of-1 jeroboam of Romanée-Saint-Vivant 2017 sold for £57,000 setting a new benchmark for Burgundy.

The equivalent price per bottle, £14,250, easily surpasses the current average price of the most expensive Romanée-Saint-Vivant - Domaine Leroy (£9,109) - making the Olivier Bernstein jeroboam the most expensive RSV sold.

13 What is a jeroboam?

A jeroboam is the equivalent of x4 regular sized wine bottles, or 3 litres of wine. It is a highly collectible format, with some jeroboams selling at auctions for incredible prices.

14 What is CultX?

The future of wine trading putting the user in control over everything needed to actively buy, sell, collect and invest in fine wine. The mobile and web based app will be available for users to download from the end of 2022.  

For more information please refer to our Terms of Sale.