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1982 Ausone

By Chateau Ausone

1982 Ausone from Chateau Ausone, Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux

Heralded as one of the standout years in the annals of Bordeaux wine history, the 1982 vintage from Chateau Ausone emerges as a paramount example of winemaking harmony aligned with the generosity of mother nature. This treasure from the historical slopes of Saint-Emilion stands as a testament to the estate's indefatigable commitment to excellence. My personal encounters with this exalted vintage run deep, and I am repeatedly enthralled by its lyrical expression and mesmerising complexity.


Captivating Complexity: A Triumph Of Vintage And Vigneron

The 1982 vintage at Chateau Ausone was shaped by climatic benevolence – an optimally warm summer veined with sufficient rainfall created idyllic conditions that are deeply etched into the character of the wine. With four decades of careful maturation softening its formidable structure, this particular incarnation now graces us with a symphony of mature nuances that beguile the senses and eloquently speak of its provenance.

Intertwining power with poise, the 1982 Ausone unfurls in the glass with whispers of truffle, tobacco and an undercurrent of lush cassis. It is a master class in balance, its once assertive tannins now transmuted into silk, escorting waves of tertiary complexities while maintaining stunning vitality. Keynotes that highlight this wine’s investment pedigree include its marvellous depth, remarkable harmony, and enduring finish – qualities that ensure it occupies an eminent position within a discerning investor's portfolio.


An Oenophilic Odyssey for Aficionados And Investors Alike

In drawing together my ruminations on the 1982 Ausone from Chateau Ausone, I find myself rapt by not only its sophisticated poise but also by its eminent stature among collectable vintages. For those seeking to enrich their collections with a wine that encapsulates both a phenomenal year and the zenith of winemaking acumen, this is an unassailable selection – one that will continue to reward both the palate and the portfolio for years to come.

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Tasted at Pebbles/Zachy's 1982 dinner in Hong Kong. Again, this is a 1982 that I have not tasted for a number of years. It is actually a better showing than I would have predicted given its auspicious company, especially in juxtaposition with Cheval Blanc. It has a rather odd not of wild mushroom, bacon fat and truffle, although there is certainly some brettanomyces adding some of the old sweaty saddle aromas that rather knocks the aromatics sideways. The palate is medium-bodied and loose knit on the entry. To be honest, it has more elegance than I anticipated and I cannot help feeling that if it were not for the brett it would have been a 'contender'. But there is certainly good substance here and I suspect larger formats might have more to offer. Tasted November 2012.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Jan 2013


A pleasant surprise when I think of what proprietor Alain Vauthier has done over the last decade, the outstanding 1982 Ausone exhibits plenty of licorice, fruitcake, mineral, kirsch, and black fruit characteristics. Medium-bodied and elegant with a touch of austerity at the finish, it should be consumed over the next 10 years. Re;ease price: ($320.00/case)

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2009

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