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1982 Chateau Talbot

By Chateau Talbot

1982 Chateau Talbot from Chateau Talbot, St-Julien, Bordeaux

The 1982 vintage in Bordeaux is often spoken of with hushed reverence; a superlative year that graced oenophiles with an array of splendid wines. It is within this exalted collection that the 1982 Chateau Talbot from Chateau Talbot confidently asserts its notable distinction.


A Vintage to Remember: Refined Elegance from St-Julien

In the pantheon of illustrious Bordeaux vintages, 1982 stands out as a beacon of excellence. As we delve into its depths, the terroir's quintessence serenades the senses. The 1982 Chateau Talbot swirls in the glass with a majestic ruby hue, signalling that it has reached a plateau of maturity. The decade-spanning evolution has left an indelible mark of intricacy on its character.

On the palate, the 1982 Chateau Talbot unveils layers of sumptuous dark fruit harmoniously married with earthy undertones and a refined structure. It is a vintage that benefited immensely from the ideal climatic conditions in St-Julien during that year. The prolonged summer endowed the grapes with concentrated flavours while retaining an admirable balance of acidity – a key contributor to this wine’s longevity and investable quality.


A Wealth of Flavours: Investing in Liquid History

The '82 Talbot bears witness to a wondrous interaction of elements: ripe blackcurrants and cassis blend seamlessly with subtle hints of truffle and tobacco. These nuances offer not just a tasting experience but a sensorial exploration into a storied past. Bordeaux enthusiasts and astute fine wine investors will find immense satisfaction in the complexity and finesse that this vintage lays gracefully upon the palate.

In terms of investment, the stature of "1982 Chateau Talbot" extends beyond mere enjoyment; it represents an opportunity to partake in Bordeaux's historical tapestry. The provenance and remarkable condition of bottles from this vintage continue to propel their desirability in the market. As one delves into their cellar to unearth such treasures, they would be remiss not to acknowledge the particular allure held by this consummate embodiment of Bordeaux winemaking.


The Quintessential Confluence: Climate, Craftsmanship, and Time

Today, three decades after its harvest, this St-Julien jewel demonstrates what truly sets apart the 1982 vintage at Chateau Talbot – an impeccable confluence of climatic benefaction, adroit craftsmanship and the alchemy of time. For those seeking to enhance their collections or diversify an investment portfolio with venerable vintages, the 1982 Chateau Talbot remains not just a conversation piece but a cornerstone of any serious curation. In an era where fine wines are rightfully celebrated as works of liquid art, it is vintages like this one from Chateau Talbot that continue to astonish and inspire.

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Along with the 1986, the 1982 is one of the greatest Talbots ever made. Far more evolved than its stablemate, Gruaud Larose, it exhibits a dense garnet color to the rim along with a huge, sweet, exotic nose of charcoal, beef blood, licorice, herbs, and black fruits. A hint of figs suggests borderline overripeness, but the wine remains fleshy and full-bodied with sweet tannin and an expansive, heady mouthfeel. While fully mature, it should hold for another decade. Release price: ($115.00/case)

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2009

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