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1986 Chateau Talbot

By Chateau Talbot

The 1986 Château Talbot from Château Talbot, St-Julien, Bordeaux

Steeped in the lore of a storied past and the grandeur of the Médoc, the 1986 vintage from Château Talbot stands as an epitome of what diligent vintners can achieve amidst Bordeaux's climatic whims. As each decade passes, it continues to embody a dignified evolution, much like the tapestry of St-Julien's vivid terroir.


Vintage Vigour: Understanding the 1986 Château Talbot

This particular year provided a climatic conundrum; a test that Château Talbot embraced with formidable finesse. A challenging start with spring frosts gave way to a favourable flowering period, followed by a summer that oscillated between extremes, culminating in a harvest that required precision and patience. It is within this crucible that the 1986 Château Talbot from Château Talbot was born—a testimony to resilience and cultivated expertise.

Now, with ample time spent in repose, the 1986 Château Talbot reveals complexities often reserved for those with patience enough to court its favour. Initial notes of blackcurrant and tobacco waft gently from the glass, paving the way towards a backdrop of leather and truffle—all hallmarks of prime Bordeaux maturity. On the palate, you’ll find that age has graced this wine with elegant tannins and an aristocratic structure. An unparalleled harmony between fruit and earth tones is augmented by a persistently refined finish.


The Investment Angle

For fine wine investors, the 1986 vintage presents an alluring proposition. Beyond its captivating sensory profile, this wine stands as an exemplar of investment prowess—an asset steeped in pedigree with a performance record befitting discriminating portfolios.

In summing up the experience offered by the 1986 Château Talbot from Château Talbot, I find it imparts not solely an oenological journey through time but also furnishes investors with a tangible piece of Bordeaux's vinous heritage—one that can be expected to continue delighting collectors and connoisseurs alike for years to come.

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A fabulous wine, and one of the two greatest Talbots of the last 50 years, this wine still has a very murky garnet/plum/purple color and a spectacular nose of sweet creme de cassis intermixed with freshly ground pepper, melted road tar, herbes de Provence, and beef blood. It is followed by an enormously concentrated wine of full body, layers of concentration and sweet tannin. The wine seems to be just hitting its plateau of maturity, where it should last for at least 10-15 more years. A prodigious Talbot. Anticipated maturity: Now-2020. Last tasted, 6/02.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 31 December 2002

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