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1995 Chateau Talbot

By Chateau Talbot

1995 Chateau Talbot from Chateau Talbot, St-Julien, Bordeaux

In the grand tapestry of Bordeaux vintages, the 1995 Chateau Talbot from Chateau Talbot holds its place as a testament to both the resilience and elegance of the St-Julien terroir. This vintage emerged from a year marked by climatic oscillations – indeed, it was a season which put the vines to test, ultimately giving us wines with character and remarkable ageing potential.


An Exemplar of Vintage Character

The 1995 vintage in Bordeaux was ushered in with an auspicious start, a benign winter followed by a timely, warm spring. The summer months brought about a degree of stress to the vineyards with periods of drought, which in turn concentrated the grapes. It's precisely this chain of weather conditions that sculpted the distinct profile of the 1995 Chateau Talbot.

Tasting the 1995 Chateau Talbot now reveals how gracefully it has matured. There's an aristocratic poise to its structured tannins, evoking sensations of finely-sawn cedar wood alongside a tapestry of ripe blackcurrants, elegant earthy undertones and an enigmatic hint of tobacco leaf. What is distinct about this particular vintage is its textural finesse - an attribute which clever investors might consider when diversifying their portfolios with refined wines.


Patience Rewards the Discerning Investor

Often when we speak of fine wines from storied regions such as St-Julien in Bordeaux, we extol virtues like balance and complexity. But the 1995 Chateau Talbot speaks to another virtue equally appreciated by connoisseurs and investors alike: longevity. Patience has been rewarded for those who awaited the evolution of this vintage; it finds itself now at a splendid peak of its maturity curve.

For investors poised to add distinguished bottles to their collections, the developed yet still lively character of the 1995 Chateau Talbot offers an excellent proposition. A newcomer seeking an entry into the world of fine wine investment would be equally astute to consider this sterling representation from Chateau Talbot.

In conclusion, the 1995 Chateau Talbot is not only an embodiment of St-Julien's formidable viticulture heritage but also illuminates wise investment decisions in the realm of fine wines. It articulates through its bouquet, palate and finish a story only possible through such a unique combination of terroir and seasonal narrative – a veritable collectable that continues to fascinate and reward those with both a discerning palate and eye for value.

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This wine has turned out to be more impressive from bottle than it was in cask. It is a charming, intensely-scented wine with a tell-tale olive, earth, grilled beef, and black currant-scented bouquet soaring from the glass. Medium to full-bodied, with low acidity, and round, luscious, richly fruity flavors, this is a meaty, fleshy, delicious Talbot that can be drunk now. Anticipated maturity: Now-2012.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 22 February 1998

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