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2009 Chateau Talbot

By Chateau Talbot

2009 Chateau Talbot from Chateau Talbot, St-Julien, Bordeaux

The noble grandeur of the 2009 vintage emerges from the esteemed lineage of St-Julien with a commanding presence. The 2009 Chateau Talbot from Chateau Talbot encapsulates the zenith of what was an exceptionally favourable year in Bordeaux.


Majestic Maturity: The Evolution of 2009

Now entering a splendid phase of maturity, the 2009 Chateau Talbot boasts a superb amalgamation of ripe tannins and eloquent expression of fruit. It is a deft illustration of the delicate interplay between power and finesse that only time can bestow upon such a vintage.


A Symphonic Marriage of Climate and Craft

The vintage whispers tales of a year graced by providential climatic conditions—ample sunshine and judicious rainfall—which laid the canvas for Chateau Talbot’s artistry. The result is a wine that resonates with sumptuous blackcurrant and elegant cedar nuances, wrapped in a silken robe of perfectly integrated oak.

One finds in this bottling a harmonious symphony between the earthy graphite tones and opulent dark fruit layers that distinguish St-Julien terroir. A bold structure, yet with a graceful poise, attests to the estate's meticulous vinification processes.


An Acclamation for Collectors and Connoisseurs

This epochal offering from Chateau Talbot is not merely a beverage; it is a cornerstone for fine wine investment. Those seeking to diversify their portfolio would be remiss to overlook the investment potential held within each bottle of 2009 Chateau Talbot.

In conclusion, the splendour of this remarkable vintage serves as both an ambassador for the illustrious year it hails from and a jewel in the crown for collectors. Fortunate indeed are those who have procured this liquid tapestry, whether for the cellar or for current rhapsodic indulgence.

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Extremely sexy, soft, supple and opulent, with notes of cedar, herbs, incense and black currant fruit, this is a full-bodied, generously endowed but silky Talbot to drink now and over the next 20+ years. By any standard of measurement, this is irresistible.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 22 December 2011

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