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2010 Chateau Talbot

By Chateau Talbot

2010 Chateau Talbot from Chateau Talbot, St-Julien, Bordeaux

The epochal 2010 Chateau Talbot from the eponymous Chateau Talbot makes a commanding statement of vinous artistry, reflecting both a venerable pedigree and an illustrious terroir within the revered precincts of St-Julien, Bordeaux. Deconstructing this vintage is akin to exploring a colossal tapestry woven with weathered threads of time and nature's caprices.


Decoding the Vintage: A Study in Elegance

In 2010, Bordeaux was the beneficiary of climatic benevolence, resulting in wines that stride the cusp of longevity and approachability. The 2010 Chateau Talbot struts with a regal poise, its depth and structure a testament to the exquisite balance achieved by the estate’s team under conditions that can only be described as fortuitous. Harvesting under azure skies delivered grapes of impeccable ripeness imbued with the essence of St-Julien's gravelly soils.

Embarking on an olfactory journey, the 2010 vintage offers an entrancing bouquet of cassis and smoky cedarwood, laced with whorls of graphite—all emblematic of its exceptional provenance. Enveloping the palate are robust tannins which interlace seamlessly with dark berry fruit compote and hints of tobacco leaf, all cohering into a finish as long and complex as one might hope from a wine poised superbly for investment maturation.


A Wine Investor’s Chronicle

The 2010 Chateau Talbot is an astute acquisition for enthusiasts seeking to embellish their portfolio with a wine that possesses both immediate gratification and patient potential. Its alchemy of robust youth and ageing capacity suggests that while it can captivate now, it's primed for gracious evolution in the cellar—a sterling convergence for discerning collectors aiming for diversity in era and enigma in their liquid assets.

In summary, the 2010 Chateau Talbot exemplifies the stellar conditions of its birthyear—a riotous opulence restrained by aristocratic precision. Herein lies a wine that invites patient cellaring or immediate indulgence: a sage representation of Bordeaux's prowess both in glass and market—an essential touchstone for any fine wine investment portfolio.

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Deep garnet in color, the 2010 Talbot opens with maturing scents of fruitcake, Chinese five spice and cigar box plus hints of dried mint, pencil lead and chargrill. Medium to full-bodied, the palate is pleasantly spicy, with a light grip of chewy tannins and just enough freshness, finishing savory.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 5 March 2020

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