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2013 Chateau Talbot

By Chateau Talbot

2013 Chateau Talbot from Chateau Talbot, St-Julien, Bordeaux

In the pantheon of the prestigious Bordeaux, the revered 2013 Chateau Talbot from Chateau Talbot has carved its distinct niche. This particular vintage, which emerged from a challenging year in St-Julien, offers a poignant reflection on the resilience and adaptability of the venerated terroir.


The Making of a Resilient Vintage

The year 2013 will be remembered by vintners across Bordeaux for its capricious climate – a testy spring led to a late flowering, followed by a summer that swung between extremes. It was the painstaking diligence of Chateau Talbot's team, coupled with their acute understanding of the vineyards, that buffered against nature's whims. Indeed, their tireless efforts are captured in the subtle complexity of this particular vintage.


An Investment in Subtlety and Grace

Cherished by fine wine investors for its consistent quality and aging potential, the 2013 Chateau Talbot presents an enigmatic blend amidst adversity. With a lesser yield than usual but an intense focus on quality over quantity, this wine exudes notes of blackcurrant and tobacco, embroidered with an earthy minerality. It is less about power and more about precision; less about youthful exuberance and more akin to a seasoned raconteur – enriching with each nuanced sip.

The structure bears the hallmark elegance of St-Julien, yet it quietly defies expectations set by its rambunctious predecessors. Tannins have been masterfully softened over time to engender a mature silkiness that fine wine connoisseurs seek out for their collections.

To savour this vintage is to appreciate not just the singular work of art it constitutes but to also understand the unique chapter it represents in the chronicles of Chateau Talbot. As such, it bears significance not only for its sensory delights but as an emblematic investment piece representing a year of tenacity in Bordeaux winemaking.

A Testament to Winemaking Tenacity

As I reflect upon the 2013 Chateau Talbot from Chateau Talbot, I am struck by its testament to winemaking tenacity. This vintage illustrates that even in less than ideal conditions, exceptional winemaking can shine through, presenting investors with an opportunity to own a slice of history that deftly balances rarity with elegance.

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The 2013 Talbot is missing some fruit concentration on the nose and consequently it seems a little dusty and dour. The palate is better: medium-bodied and providing more pleasure than the aromatics with red and black fruit, cedar and cigar box notes and quite driving acidity towards the finish that imparts freshness on the finish. If those aromatics can take flight in bottle, then this will deserve a higher score. It is a lightweight at the moment although Talbot does have a tendency to gain weight with age.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 28 October 2016

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