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2014 Chateau Talbot

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2014 Château Talbot from Château Talbot, St-Julien, Bordeaux

The 2014 vintage from the historic Château Talbot stands as a testament to the resilience and consistency of this esteemed St-Julien estate. Known for crafting wines that manage to balance the dual demands of immediate satisfaction and long-term cellar potential, the 2014 Château Talbot exhibits a particular character shaped by the year's climatic idiosyncrasies.


A Year of Redemption: The Unfurling of Harmony

The 2014 Bordeaux vintage was one embroiled in redemption, borne out of a year which teased disaster yet concluded with harmonious grace. The tenacity of the Cabernet Sauvignon that anchors the blend in St-Julien was challenged by erratic weather patterns, yet ultimately triumphant through meticulous vineyard stewardship.

In the glass, the 2014 Château Talbot effuses dark berries and cedar, tempered with fragrant violet – indicative of focused ripening periods during late summer. Tannins, once unruly in their youth, have mellowed to create a firm structure, subtle enough to let the wine's complexity dance on the palate. An undercurrent of graphite lends a classic Bordeaux signature often associated with more austere years but here softened by this vintage’s generous fruit profile.


Investment Worthiness: Aiming for Longevity

The prudent investor observes in the 2014 Château Talbot an asset for portfolios resolute on both quality and endurance. This is no ephemeral pleasure but one charting a journey through nuanced development – a path this vintage treads with confidence.

With a measured approach to oak that has integrated commendably over time, it is evident how Château Talbot from 2014 is shaping into an astute acquisition. It offers a slice of nobility, embracing modernity without forsaking its hundred-year lineage – compelling for those who invest not only in wine but in legacy.


Conclusion: An Ample Testament to Creation Against Odds

The 2014 Château Talbot is an ample testament to winemaking against the odds, yielding an expressive, refined claret that resonates with St-Julien’s poise. It stands ready for those who wish to unearth the layers revealed by time’s passage and equally serves as a promising candidate for further cellaring. One can sense in its current state an alluring hint of what years ahead promise – an investment for the senses as much as the cellar.

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The 2014 Talbot felt reticent and tightly knit on the nose, so I placed my glass to one side and allowed it to aerate for 15-20 minutes. This paid dividends as it revealed blackcurrant, smoke and tobacco aromas, hints of boysenberry with time. The palate is medium-bodied with fine tannin, quite structure and perhaps needing more flow. It feels a little rigid at the moment and I would want more persistence and depth on the finish. Let's see how this ages in bottle, because it certainly showed improvement between samples in October 2016 and February 2017.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 31 March 2017


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