Domaine Armand Rousseau   Charmes Chambertin

2009 Charmes-Chambertin

By Domaine Armand Rousseau

The 2009 Charmes-Chambertin from Domaine Armand Rousseau, Burgundy

Surveying the landscape of Burgundian excellence, the 2009 Charmes-Chambertin from Domaine Armand Rousseau materialises as a pinnacle of viticultural artistry. Cultivating reverence among both connoisseurs and investors, this vintage encapsulates the zenith of a winemaker's prowess perfectly married to an auspicious season.


A Vintage Defined by Patience and Precision

Across the undulating hills of Burgundy, 2009 was heralded as a year where nature conspired with nurture to yield fruit of exceptional quality. In these noble vineyards, Domaine Armand Rousseau intervened minimally, respecting the serendipity of climatic conditions that fostered wines of profound intensity yet harmonious balance.

The Charmes-Chambertin terroir expressed itself with a candid intimacy in the 2009 vintage; a year where warmth and sunshine abounded, leading to grapes that reached optimal ripeness while maintaining their characteristic Burgundian poise. The result? A wine that speaks its birthplace's lexicon fluently—interweaving ripe red fruits with an undercurrent of earthiness, and a structure that commands patience for its full revelation.


A Convergence of Sensory Delight

To experience the 2009 Charmes-Chambertin from Domaine Armand Rousseau is to partake in an all-enveloping sensory journey. The bouquet presents itself with assurance—dark cherry and a consort of ripe berries, escorted by whispers of spice and the forest floor after rainfall. On the palate, these elements evolve into a complex performance, where tannins showcase both density and elegance, predictive of an admirable ageing potential deemed imperative by investors and collectors alike.

In conclusion, the 2009 Charmes-Chambertin articulates its narrative through each sip. Imbued with depth and intricacy that unravel over time, it stands as a testament to a superb collation of soil, sun, and meticulous stewardship. It is distinctly representative of its vintage, exuding promise not only for those who seek pleasure but also those who discern investments in liquid history.

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The 2009 Charmes-Chambertin emerges from the glass with lovely radiance and openness in its ripe, juicy fruit. The Charmes is already rather forward, and at this stage appears to be a relatively early-maturing wine. The oak is also a bit pronounced. Sweet, textured floral notes wrap around the long, polished finish. Rousseau’s Charmes is technically 60% Mazoyeres. Anticipated maturity: 2015-2029. I tasted the following wines with Frederic Robert, who works alongside Eric Rousseau. In 2009 Rousseau and his team began picking on September 7, the earliest in Gevrey. For the first time the estate used 20% whole clusters on all the wines except for Clos de la Roche, which was closer to 15%. The 2009s were scheduled to be bottled in April 2011. I also tasted a handful of 2008s that were deeply impressive. Importer: Frederic Wildman & Sons, New York, NY; tel. (212) 355-0700

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 1 May 2011

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