Domaine Armand Rousseau   Mazis Chambertin Grand Cru

2005 Mazis Chambertin Grand Cru

By Domaine Armand Rousseau

2005 Mazis-Chambertin Grand Cru from Domaine Armand Rousseau, Burgundy, France

The 2005 vintage in the storied commune of Gevrey-Chambertin is one to be remembered with reverence. Amidst its treasures, the 2005 Mazis-Chambertin Grand Cru from Domaine Armand Rousseau stands as a paragon of sophistication and complexity that remains a benchmark for oenophiles and fine wine investors alike.


Provocative Elegance: A Singular Vintage

In the labyrinth of Burgundy's varied crus, Mazis-Chambertin has always enthralled. Yet, it is in the exceptional years that the alchemy of terroir and climatic fortune conspire to elevate a great wine into an ethereal experience. The 2005 vintage, known for its bountiful harvest and near-ideal growing conditions, saw Domaine Armand Rousseau orchestrate a Symphony throughput climatic rhythm, balancing ripeness with acidity in a manner rarely so accomplished.


Refinement Meets Investment-Worthy Depth

The 2005 Mazis-Chambertin Grand Cru, now at a zenith of maturity that signals prime investment timing, embodies this narrative with grace. Its bouquet has evolved exquisitely, heralding scents of black cherry compote, truffle, and sous-bois that unfurl with unassumed nobility. Upon the palate, one is greeted with an intricate lattice work of tannins and berry fruit acidity—a testament to the meticulous vineyard management and masterful vinification that have been the cornerstone of Domaine Armand Rousseau's legacy.

The coherence between the robust structure and delicate floral undertones in this Grand Cru encapsulates the harmony peculiar to 2005. This particular interplay not only heightens the sensory experience but also underscores the potential for further graceful development and resilience in a carefully curated investment portfolio.

In summation, the 2005 Mazis-Chambertin from Domaine Armand Rousseau is an embodiment of what makes Burgundy's 2005 vintage adored and pursued: a consummate balance between intensity and finesse that promises both an unforgettable tasting journey and discerning investment appeal.

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The 2005 Mazis-Chambertin, whose label perpetuates an old spelling of the site’s name: “Mazy” displays a surprising note of woodiness along with sweetly ripe black fruits and bitter-sweet cooked licorice suggestions. The mouth is marked by a creamy texture and lightly-cooked, caramel- and vanilla-tinged cherry compote flavors. A surprisingly austere stony, alkaline mineral character overtakes the fruit in the finish, which however offers undeniable concentration and grip. Still, the vines are over forty years old and it seems as though the site ought to be more clearly asserting an inherent class. With Eric Rousseau taking over increasingly from his father Charles, bottling may end up being slightly earlier than in the past, but such routine features as triage exclusively in the vineyards (not the press house), the inclusion of whole clusters and stems, precocious malolactic fermentation (although in 2005 and 2006, at least, Rousseau says he didn’t force this), reliance on older barrels, and an eventual light plaque filtration for all wines remain as before. Given the long-running success of these Pinots in subtly yet insistently conveying the distinct personalities of their sites and standing the test of time, some might well ask “why change the recipe?” while others will wonder whether the wines could be made even better. In any event, nature conspired to hand the new generation a vintage of historic dimensions. Importer: Frederic Wildman & Sons, New York, NY; tel. (212) 355-0700

David Schildknecht - The Wine Advocate, 29 April 2007

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