Domaine Armand Rousseau   Mazis Chambertin Grand Cru

2008 Mazis Chambertin Grand Cru

By Domaine Armand Rousseau

2008 Mazis Chambertin Grand Cru from Domaine Armand Rousseau, Burgundy, France

In the tapestry of Burgundy, the 2008 vintage remains an absorbing and enigmatic expression that contours the well-tailored elegance with a spine of vibrant acidity. This is particularly evident in the case of the 2008 Mazis Chambertin Grand Cru from Domaine Armand Rousseau, an offering that reflects the estate's impeccable heritage with outstanding dexterity.


Refined Complexity: A Collector’s Treasure

The 2008 season in Burgundy was marked by early challenges, eventually salvaged by a superb late-September sunshine. It was this late ripening that gave birth to wines layered with complexity and finesse, perfect for discerning investors looking for notable additions to their portfolios. The cooler conditions are manifested in this wine's energetic profile, with freshness leading the charge – a trait that underpins its admirable aging trajectory.

Upon decanting, the 2008 Mazis Chambertin Grand Cru reveals seductive aromas of wild strawberry and sous-bois that lure the olfactory senses into a realm of sophisticated earthiness. On the palate, notes of black cherries and subtle hint of truffle make an appearance, supported by an undercurrent of fine-grained tannins which speak to its grand cru lineage.

This Mazis Chambertin sings a ballad of balance: There’s strength tethered to delicacy, a hallmark of Domaine Armand Rousseau. Such poise promotes it not only as a sensory delight but also as a viable option for those looking at wine investment possibilities.


Concluding Notes on a Noble Vintage

The lingering finish of this Grand Cru intimates at its potential longevity, suggesting that it has not yet reached its apogee. While already approachable now for enthusiasts desiring a taste of Rousseau's craftsmanship from the 2008 vintage, its structure and depth hint at further revelations with cellar maturation.

In essence, the 2008 Mazis Chambertin Grand Cru from Domaine Armand Rousseau stands as one of those intellectual vintages that resonates with both connoisseurs and investors alike; commanding attention for its intrinsic quality and investment aptitude.

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The 2008 Chambertin is rather delicate and almost ethereal in its seductive personality. This is another surprisingly open, expressive 2008. The tannins are elegant, while the wine’s balance is simply terrific. Anticipated maturity: 2018-2038. I tasted the following wines with Frederic Robert, who works alongside Eric Rousseau. In 2009 Rousseau and his team began picking on September 7, the earliest in Gevrey. For the first time the estate used 20% whole clusters on all the wines except for Clos de la Roche, which was closer to 15%. The 2009s were scheduled to be bottled in April 2011. I also tasted a handful of 2008s that were deeply impressive. Importer: Frederic Wildman & Sons, New York, NY; tel. (212) 355-0700

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 1 May 2011


The Rousseau 2008 Mazy–Chambertin impresses the nose with ripe cherry, licorice, and an array of pungent spices. The wine bursts onto the palate with juicy exuberance and tactile impingement of spices, and finishes with lip-smacking length, hints of cherry pit bitterness, peat, charred red meats, and crushed stone adding interest. Athletically lean and energetic, this might well gain richness of texture in bottle, and I wouldn’t hesitate to hold some for a dozen or more years. Eric Rousseau did not begin harvesting until September 28, but was finished already on October 4, with – as usual – the entire burden of selection placed on his pickers. The resultant wines prove that, as he puts it “they know what they’re doing” and sorting tables are unnecessary. Grapes came in between around 12% and 13.2%, were virtually all destemmed, and were only lightly chaptalized. Levels of malic acid were however higher even than in 2004, reports Rousseau, who compares the fruit with that of 1996, but does not finger the wines as strong candidates for long-term aging (“long term” – bear in mind – meaning upwards of 20 years in the context of a Rousseau track-record). When I tasted his 2008s in late February, Rousseau was planning to bottle them in March or April, a bit earlier than usual, although several struck me as relatively unformed. But then, his malos had finished by July – not late in terms of the vintage. (Unfortunately, I had only one chance to taste Rousseau 2007s: fleetingly, selectively, at a stage too early to merit reporting on in detail, although the trend was promising and Rousseau is keen on the results.) Importer: Frederic Wildman & Sons, New York, NY; tel. (212) 355-0700

David Schildknecht - The Wine Advocate, 28 June 2010

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