Domaine Leroy   Musigny Grand Cru

2013 Musigny Grand Cru

By Domaine Leroy

2013 Musigny Grand Cru from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

In the resplendent tapestry of Burgundian winemaking, the 2013 Musigny Grand Cru from Domaine Leroy stands out as a vintage echoing the resilience and artistry of this illustrious estate. This year was marked by a late vegetative cycle, causing an initial stir among vintners, yet culminating in a harvest that defied expectations with its remarkable quality.


A Vintage Defined by Adversity and Triumph

The temperamental start to the growing season in 2013 posed challenges that required the utmost skill and intimate knowledge of terroir. Producers like Domaine Leroy rose to the occasion, translating adversity into a wine that keenly expresses the terroir of Musigny. This was achieved through meticulous vineyard management and an unyielding commitment to biodynamic principles, further highlighting why Domaine Leroy is amongst the crème de la crème of Burgundy producers.


Elegance Through Harmony

The 2013 Musigny Grand Cru reveals a pantheon of layered complexity and elegance. On the nose, one discerns a melange of ripe red fruits and a hint of earthy undertones. The palate sings with vibrant acidity balanced impeccably with silken tannins. Red cherries, forest floor and a whisper of exotic spices linger on the lengthy finish. Each nuance and note is a testament to the unique vintage circumstances expertly navigated by Domaine Leroy.

As an investment piece, this vintage combines the prestige of Domaine Leroy with the distinctiveness of 2013—presenting a singular opportunity for collectors and investors alike. It holds promise for further maturation though it already offers splendid drinking pleasure—a testament to its masterful creation.


An Exemplar for the Discerning Investor

For those looking to enrich their portfolio with fine Burgundy, the 2013 Musigny Grand Cru from Domaine Leroy represents more than just an exemplary wine—it signifies resilience, exquisite craftsmanship and an anticipation of grandeur to come. As each year passes, it cements its position as one of Burgundy's most storied vintages—a true pièce de résistance within any serious collector's cellar.

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It seems banal to state that the 2013 Musigny Grand Cru has a very “Musigny” like nose, but that is to say it articulates the terroir extremely well on the nose with black plum and boysenberry fruit, minerals, hints of truffle just in the background. The palate is very refined and pure, lithe, with filigree tannins and persuasive blackberry and bilberry fruit toward the finish inflected with hints of juniper and thyme. This is a Musigny that forces you to pause and reflect.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 29 December 2014

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